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Monday, 28 March 2011

home sweet (scented) home

Scented candles are now classed as an interior must-have. Let’s face it: your home is nothing if you’re not burning this season’s wax sweetie! Just like your fragrance, scented candles can influence your mood, filling a room with ambience without shifting or adding a thing. Cherry pick scents that you naturally gravitate towards and leave you feeling happy. Factor in the seasons too. Close-to-nature fragrances such as orange, clove, cinnamon, pine and frankincense are perfect for winter, whereas lemon, vanilla, rose, cypress and lavender conjour up thoughts of summer, encouraging you to kick off your shoes. Experiment with different fragrances and you’ll soon become your own interior ‘nose’. Why not burn candles in different rooms so you associate the living room with lavender for instance or the bedroom with rose?

Jo Malone’s David Hicks Home Candles make for jet-set mantlepiece chic in your dwelling, as their delicious scents are wrapped up in three eye clashing, but classic geo-patterns from the late and the famed interior designer’s archives. To become a true candle aficionado, pop in the fridge - it makes the wax last longer and always snip the wick before burning. Otherwise you end up burning charcoal. If you don’t, be prepared to end up with black soot smudged around the glass holder. Truly a candle faux pas!

The three Collector’s Editions are available in Lime Basil & Mandarin in Rivera, Red Roses in Hicksonian and Pomegranate Noir in Hebert’s Carnation from April priced at £38 each.

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