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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Building a Good Foundation

Whenever I ask a MUA to highlight the number one make-up sin, nine times out of 10 they say foundation – whether that’s the wrong colour or formulation for your skin type. The funny thing about foundation is, get it wrong and it slaps on 10 years, but get it right and you look radiant, youthful and fashionably flawless.

The ideal foundation should appear invisible, feel weightless and do amazing things for your complexion. Well, that ideal is seemingly only a squeeze away as cosmetic companies have raised their game in search for the no-foundation, foundation. Here are three that have recently come to my attention and seduced the skin:

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup

I couldn’t quite believe this foundation when I initially tried it. It’s one I’ve been searching for since my beauty time has begun – 20 years ago! It’s no overstatement to say it is virtually invisible. Hailed as a new generation foundation, and developed with the understanding that women were now becoming ‘light-users’ of foundation, it’s a formulation that works with your natural undertones. Skin appears not dewy, but natural with a semi-matte finish. Before applying, give the bottle a darn good shake until the sound of beads disappear – this is the signal its been air emulsified, and apply with fingertips. Initially, I found it a bit watery, but I soon got used to the consistency, and in fact it’s the emulsion like texture that enables skin to look luminous.

Previewing at John Lewis from this month and nationwide in March. Costs £27

Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup

A liquid foundation targeted for oily skin, this is a great solution for anyone that suffers from overactive oil glands. Many foundations that are put into this troublesome skin category have trouble rising to the challenge of not feeling too heavy, along with giving the right amount of coverage. Not so with this one. Giving it to a friend who has oily pores, she reported favourably back on its lightweight formula with the power to debeam her shiny skin. Harbouring a patented technology to control oil and resist sweat, it’s mattifying to the touch, feels silky on the skin and helps keep your complexion looking perfectly in control.

Available nationwide from 4th May. Costs £21.50   

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

This was launched end of last year, but I’ve only recently tried it. Raved about by make-up artists, it’s described as a ‘vitamin enhanced fruit therapy for the complexion’. Boasting three super fruits: lychee, goji and pomegranate, it sounds so nutritious I’m sure it could be passed off as one of your five a day! The fragrance is a little strong for my liking, but there’s no doubting its ability to improve the appearance of the skin. With light reflecting micro-pigments, the formula is easy to use with plenty of slip. Once applied, it gives skin an instant revitalising effect leaving the complexion looking like you’ve banked a few hours more sleep. And who doesn't want that? Plus, the more you use it, the more your skin accumulates a ravishing radiance.

Available from Boots, Superdrug and

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