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Friday, 13 January 2012

L'Oreal Paris Has Colour Nailed

Like bad teeth, if nails are looking neglected it notices. And just like our mouths, we often talk with our hands (you try explaining something without waving them about!) so it makes sense to preen and polish your digits.


With expertise at their fingertips, L’Oreal Paris have been doing some fact finding, and report that nail polish purchasing power is up 24% compared to 11% for lipsticks. They say we now look upon polish as a fashion accessory, almost like a piece of jewellery. And it’s true, colours that pop on fingertips never go without a glance and can really up gloss your look. With this call to hands, they are launching an impressive 41 mini shades in their New Color Riche Nail collection. And boy, do they pop ‘n’ rock. Developed by their Colour Creative Director, Orrea Light, who picked up colour inspiration during her globetrotting – shade 202 Marie Antoinette for example was inspired by the shade in Marie Antoinette’s boudoir when she visited Versailles, a ‘wardrobe’ of nail colours were gradually developed.

So, what do women want when it comes to polish? Well, L’Oreal Paris confirms we want a polish that’s long lasting, chip free and good value. Their technology ticks all three boxes. Crystal Acrylic provides high shine to the nail formula, meaning you can skip a top coat. And the Liquid Gel Technology delivers easy application and long lasting coverage. There’s also their patented brush. You could be the best manicurist in the universe, but if your brush is rubbish you’re not going to achieve a great paint job. This brush gives precision, quickness and flawless results. One stroke is all that’s needed to confidently cover the whole nail plate.


Just to finish off this post, I thought I would bring you some professional insights from the high priestess of manicures, Lorraine Griffin who was on hand so to speak at the launch. Lorraine has collaborated with such legendary fashion folk as Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, as well as working with Beyonce and doing Kate Moss’s wedding nails. Her nail know-how is second to none – when you’re creating 17 colours for 69 girls at a Marc Jacobs catwalk show, you’re one polished act! “Designers now expect nails,” she says, “and I think that’s true for many of us.” We suddenly feel naked without polish as we would a slick of lipstick or a spritz of fragrance. Hot for spring/summer Lorraine predicts pastels including soft blues, pretty pinks, raspberries along with flesh or foundation colours that really help elongate the hand. “Dark red always stands the test of time too,” she says. “We’re also going to be seeing more of a 3D nail where colours are layered up on the nail to give depth.” Just like lipsticks, Lorraine says you can also customise nail polishes. “Two colours can be put together along with a little clear varnish and a few drops of nail varnish thinner.” And as for the classic nail mistake, Lorraine cites lack of oil. “Nails are just like the hair, it’s made up of keratin, so if it’s not moisturised it will look dry and polish will go on streaky. A chic looking nail always lies in the best of preparation.”

New Color Riche Nail are £4.99 each and will be available nationwide from April.

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