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Monday, 9 January 2012

Scent Yourself Joyful

It’s grey and chilly outside, so what better way to blow away the drab winter cobwebs and lift your spirits than with a fresh new fragrance?

Especially Escada is built around a delicate rose accord, and it has to be said, there’s something about the smell of a rose that romances the soul and puts a smile on your face. The juice looks pink petal fresh in the glass flacon, topped off with a rather fabulous gold finish, ornate lid. Once unleashed, the delicate and feminine rose notes deliver a light but exotic aroma, smelling equally luxurious and warming on the skin.

Rose has long made an impact on our wellbeing for thousands of years where it’s been found to have a rejuvenating, toning and restorative effect. But shaking off its old fashion image, rose has come out of grandmother’s remedy cupboard and has been enjoying something of a renaissance, especially in perfume. With the queen of flowers at its heart (rose) this fragrance is also cleverly complemented with a top note of pear along with ylang ylang, that together creatively mingle, giving a sophisticated and effervescent lightness. With the mood you’re in more to do with your nose than than the mirror, it’s a fragrance that represents pure escapism. Go on, treat yourself and scent yourself to serenity!

Priced from £32 for 30ml up to £56 for 75ml. Especially Escada will launch this week.

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