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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ruby's New Make-up Move


Behind every shining star there’s either a good make-up artist or smart products. Ruby Hammer does both. One of the beauty industry’s most respected make-up artists; she is a major influencer in the business, where her work has been splashed between the pages of the glossy greats including Vogue, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire. Passionate and friendly in her approach, she before-your-very-eyes gave members of the public a youthover for Channel 4’s Ten Years Younger programme, where Ruby taught them less can be more, an expertly shaped brow knocks off five years and being stuck in a make-up rut can make you look more retired than retro. 

More than just a dab hand with the blusher brush, Ruby has been instrumental in the UK launches of some of the most successful and innovative brands including Aveda, L’Occitane, Tweezerman and Mister Mascara. In the mid-90’s she collaborated with beauty insider Millie Kendall and established Ruby & Millie, then later the Scarlett & Crimson make-up brands. With a keen eye for trends and a head for business, Ruby along with Millie was awarded an MBE five years ago for her long standing contribution to the cosmetic industry.

So, what’s new for this make-up maestro? Her fresh new collection, Ruby Hammer Recommends has recently hit Debenhams. Cleverly put together make-up kits, all created by Ruby, they’re foolproof to use and encourage you to dab and play, putting the fun back into making up. With incredible colours and on-trend formulas, the kits are surprisingly price friendly and start from just £5. With a high end lipstick now costing £20 upwards, it allows everyone to experience a slick of true expertise.


Here I catch up with Ruby for a quick Q&A:

Describe yourself in five words
Loyal. Caring. Honest. Grounded. Passionate.
Who or what are your influences when it comes to work?
Everything. I seek inspiration from my travels, exchanging ideas, film…life in general.
As a working make-up artist, what do you believe women want most from their make-up?
They want to look great. They want to make the best of themselves. And they want to know how.
What do you personally look for in a make-up line?
Whatever grabs me. Sometimes it’s the colour, texture, packaging, quality, ease of use and price. But sometimes it’s just the wow factor.
 What were your aims for your new make-up collection? 
It’s an all year round gift collection. Fun at reasonable prices. They’re good to give and receive without needing a mortgage! Very exciting.
What have you taught your daughter about beauty? (Ruby has a 25 year old daughter called Reena) 
Little and often. A regime is better than a beauty binge once in a blue moon. Beauty equals good health too.
What’s been your best ever make-up job? 
Many great sessions. Some for the creative part, some for the team, some for the locations, some for the ease and fun, plus paid at the end too. Heaven!
What’s the one thing you have learned from being in the industry for 25 years?
Just being open to new ideas. Technology and its advances. Working with creative and respected individuals in their own fields, and being one of their peers. 
What’s the most under used make-up item?
Brushes and tools that give a professional finish. People buy products but begrudge buying brushes.
If you weren’t a make-up artist what would you be?
I would work for the United Nations, or be in the diplomatic service. Similar to what I do now! Travel, meet various people, deliver a brief. My work now allows me to be creative, which is what’s different, and what I love.

Ruby Recommends available from at Debenhams nationwide and


  1. Great post Jacqui! Been a fan and admirer of Ruby's work for years! Thanks for sharing this. x

  2. Hi , I want to buy this , Ruby hammer recommends glamorous eyes smudge& shade eye crayons.