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Monday, 2 January 2012

A Slick of Skin Comfort Love Clarins


If there was a time your skin ever needed a reboot, it’s probably now. Central heating, getting-chilly outdoor temperatures, not to mention the post party face of too much fizz and salty snacks, they all conspire to make the complexion look dull, dry and dreary.


A month or so ago my skin was feeling, and looking like the leaf above from my garden. Okay, not so mottled (hopefully), but dehydrated and ‘crispy’ feeling. Moisturiser, even after upgrading to an intensive formulation just wasn’t cutting the mustard. During these times oil can be a skin’s saviour. Many people shirk away from oil believing it will leave their skin looking adolescent greasy, but far from it. Water free and harbouring pure plant oils along with a nurturing base oil as the foundation, they are deeply penetrating. Soft lines caused by dehydration are instantly softened, making the complexion look rosy and youthful. Were there ever two words more seducing to make you buy into a formula?

My skin somersault from leaf like to bloom came about with the help of Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil for dehydrated skin. Clarins are known for their superlative face and body oils, which remain at the core of their range for high performing skincare. Blue Orchid is a facial oil recommended for restoring radiance and suppleness, it mingles three oils: Blue Orchid for its emollient properties, Patchouli for its stimulating properties and Rosewood for its soothing properties. Hazelnut oil is the anchor and rich in vitamin E. Applying at night, Clarins advise warming a couple of drops (the bottle has a dropper) between the hands and carrying out strong pressing movements on the face with the flats of the hands from the middle to the sides. My skin drunk up the oil thirstily, and after three nights I could really see and feel the difference. My pores were punch drunk from much craved moisture! Proven Effectiveness via Clarins reveal that 97.6% reported better hydrated skin and 87.8% had more radiant skin.

Clarins have launched three Treatment Oils this month, Blue Orchid, Santal for dry skin and Lotus for combination or oil prone skin, all priced at £29 each. Go try.

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