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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bourjois's Black and White Drama

My art teacher often used to talk about shade and light, how the precise control of it is essential to make the painting or etching sing by adding atmosphere. The theory of light and shade also carries through to make-up, and as in art, all shadows are not created equal. A colour washed eye of a solo shade works well, but a contrast of shadows can really add drama.

Bourjois are encouraging the inner artist in all of us with their Black & Light contrasting collection. The stars are their two eye shadows:  Light 01 and 10 Noir Fusain. Here their creative make-up artist, Cassie Lomas explains how to pull of the look without looking like a panda caught in the headlights!

  • Draw a graphic line along the base of the lashes and in the socket using
    the black end of the Kohl & Contour Shadow and Light Pencil. Smudge in using a contour blending brush.
  •  Apply a light coat of 10 Noir Fusain over the kohl to set for ultimate hold.
  • For a subtle finish, pat into lids with ring finger to soften all
     the edges into a blur.
  • Apply Light 01 all over the lower lid where there is no black. For a light wash, use a soft brush, or for a heavier layer use a stiff brush. Feather the colours together by blending over the eyes with a clean blending brush.
  • The light eyeshadow will soften the black when blended over. If you want
    to increase the intensity of the black, apply a second coat once you have
    merged the lines of the two colours.
  • For a wide eyed look,  use the light end of the kohl pencil and  layer into the
    inner rim. This creamy tone is softer and more wearable than white
  • Finish the eyes off with a slick of very black volumising masara.

Light 01, Noir Fusain are £6.99 each. Kohl & Contour Shadow & Light Pencil, £5.49 are all available in February 2012.

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