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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Where scent meets art


When art meets fragrance (or Donna meets Keith)  what do you get? DKNY’s new limited edition Be Delicious Keith Haring Collection. This really is a fabulous collaboration where two New York brands have collided to celebrate this pool of high energy, all-happening city.


Keith Haring, although born in Pennsylvania, was inspired by New York street culture and graffiti artists when he moved to the big apple in the eighties.  Haring’s influencers were Dr Seuss and Walt Disney, and you can see he took up on their simplistic cartoonic qualities, but put a fresh spin on his own designs, making them fresher and edgier. But why the collaboration? Donna Karan has said that she admired the artist upon first seeing his works appear in a metro station in New York, and could relate to not only the visuals but his messages via his art. Haring’s designs communicated birth, death, sex and war messages that clearly portrayed an urban, youthful and original spirit.

Sadly, Haring died at just 31 in 1990, but his art is just as relevant and socially conscious today. Be Delicious. Be Artsy!

The DKNY Art Woman and Men launches today at £34.
The DKNY trilogy of Be Delicious Art Collection of Fresh Blossom, Golden Delicious and Be Delicious launch in April priced at £36.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Origins new brightening act

I really like waking up to this cleanser from Dr Andrew Weil for Origins. Call it skin psychology, but with a distinct lack of sunshine around at the moment, the thought of lathering on something called Mega-Bright Skin illuminating cleanser is very appealing. A gentle foaming cleanser – be warned a very little goes a long way. On my first outing with it,  I squeezed a generous amount into my hands and let’s just say there was more foam than face! But once I dialled down the application it cleansed like a dream, leaving skin feeling cleansed, refreshed, hydrated and yes, subtly brightened.

The cleanser is just the first step in a Mega-Bright illuminating collection, I’m trialling the serum too, all of which helps the skin in two ways. They help keep irritation at bay, so melanin production isn't triggered, which in turn helps stop discolouration and an uneven skin tone. Meanwhile, at the same time, it focuses on the existing signs, so they appear less visible to the naked eye, making the skin appear more youthful. Remember, it's dark splodges that make our skin appear older rather than lines.

Harvard-trained medial doctor, Andrew Weil is a know-it-all botanist (in the best possible way!) and word-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine, and certainly knows his stuff when it comes to ingredients that make a difference. Key ones for this line include rosa roxburghii – a flowering bush that grows wild throughout Asia, containing ingredients that help quell melanin triggering stress, along with liquorice root extract and peony that are both known to brighten and improve the appearance of skin.  In a 12 week clinical study on women with all skin types, 92% showed a brighter, more even skin tone in just four weeks.

The Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Collection isn’t available until June this year, where hopefully there will be a little more sunshine around, but for any skin that’s sensitive to dark spots, discolouration, irritation or for those just seeking a more radiant look to their complexion, then add to your summer must-buy list.

Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin illuminating collection starts at £25 for the cleanser.
Stockists: 0800 731 4039

Friday, 22 February 2013

Clinique fine tunes your skin tone


Move over BB creams, we now have the CC cream. Yes, it may sound like a bra size, but funny enough it does wonders to up-grade your skin too. CC stands for Colour Corrector and you probably need it more than you think. Ahead of the launch of Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30 Hydrating Colour, their guiding dermatologist reveals that skin’s complexion and tone can sometimes go off-message and cause skin to look different. Less radiant, a little dull and in need of that much elusive natural glow.

In research Clinique discovered that women thought their skin looked its best half an hour after exercising. And I agree. Post workout once my sweaty, red complexion starts to fade, skin looks naturally invigorated. There’s colour in my cheeks that no blush can replicate. And that’s the natural glow Clinique are hoping to mimic with their chemistry magic. Incorporating advance colour correcting technology, it utilises light to achieve a healthy looking skin. Dual-layered colour correcting optics scatter light multi-dimensionally to neutralise skin’s complexion. The result? An instant brightener.

The product could mildly be called addictive. It melts effortlessly into the skin and gives a cooling burst of hydration. As for the finish, it’s less drying than a BB cream, leaving skin feeling soft and supple. With six shades running from light to dark, I would definitely recommend a personal skin fitting!

Clinique New Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30 Hydrating Colour Corrector is available from 26th April price at £28.

Ojon fights the fade

Smells gorgeous. Tick. Feels gorgeous. Tick. Leaves a weightless blow-dry. Tick. Gives colour shine. Tick. Yep, all boxes ticked to make me want to use a shampoo and conditioner combo the second time.

Ojon Colour Sustain PRO Fade Fighter Shampoo and Conditioner has found a place in my line-up of favourite hair lathers and calmers. Why? Because they both make my hair feel like something out of a shampoo ad. And who doesn’t want a slice of touchy, feely, camera ready looking hair? The shampoo is a sulfate-free, clear, pearlescent shampoo formulated for coloured hair. This means it doesn’t strip hair of natural oils and leaves a halo of shine. It actually feels like a hair treatment. The lather is creamy, although rinses clean away and it smells super yummy. I’m guessing this could be the essential oil blend of sweet neroli, fresh petit grain and green, floral violet leaf.

As for the conditioner, it mirrors the shampoo in the same way with its creamy, hydrating smells-good formula, as well as being fast absorbing. Post blow-drying it leaves cuticles sealed and ends somehow appear thicker. I like to brush through using Tangle Teezer’s Aqua Splash which distributes conditioner evenly without snagging or pulling. For both hair revivers, a whooping 93% of women through their hair colour looked vibrant. Life’s too short to stick with a so-so shampoo and conditioner, but these ones are worth striking up a relationship with!

Both available from March with Shampoo priced at £18 and Conditioner £19.50
Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash, £12.99

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pretty Powerful Bobbi

Love the strong sisterhood sentiment behind Bobbi Brown’s The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls. Launching on International Women’s Day – diary date March 9th, Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge will put their support behind organisations that empower women and girls with the confidence and resources to be their best.

“Pretty Powerful symbolises my belief that all women are pretty,” says make-up artist Bobbi Brown, and with the right tools, are empowered to a higher level of pretty.” And to me that totally sums up the power of make-up – making good what you naturally have, and playing out the confidence it cannot help but give you. Of course Bobbi realises that make-up alone cannot even the playing field for women and girls across the globe, but believes that together, those who create, apply, buy and wear make-up can. This campaign aims to helps women ‘be who they are’ and will raise funds to support programs that provide them with education, job skills and work experience. Here in the UK, the initiative will support Dress for Success, a non-profit organisation that promotes women’s economic independence through career development and job retention.  

As for the Pot Rouge it’s a keeper, a real make-up bag staple. The colour is a make-anyone-pretty pink, popping both cheeks with a flush of stained colour and giving lips a kissable soft finish. It’s a win win buy!

The Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge will be available at all Bobbi Brown Studios and the full price minus VAT of £18 will be donated to Dress For Success London.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Benefit goes undercover


The trouble with concealer is it can highlight what you’re trying to disguise. More often than not it’s either because of the shade, or less obviously the texture – many can actually be quite drying on the skin, ending up looking cakey. Not with Benefit’s new Fake Up which goes totally incognito.

Going undercover to cover-up you would have to be a super beauty sleuth to detect once on the skin. In fact you would have to be Sherlock Holmes! The clues are there. It’s a crease control formula, has a hydrating ring that gives immediate, six hour long moisturization, and the thing I love most, it looks like a lipstick. So, when you’re make-up bag falls open it doesn’t look like your flawless complexion relies on a concealer to cover up blemishes. Elementary my dear Benefit!

Fake Up is hits counter in April priced at £18.50.
 Available in three shades: light, medium and deep.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

No7 does ballet


Boots reveal that a quarter of UK women are planning on trying a new look this year. This may sound easy peasy, but really how many of us are stuck in a Groundhog Day beauty rut? We may admire and appreciate the newest colours and trends, but wearing them is a whole other matter.


If there’s one make-up artist that inspires us to move on from beige eyeshadow it’s Lisa Eldridge, an artist that adopts trends and makes them utterly wearable. Her tutorials are followed closely and by many on her website as the step-by-steps are goof proof. Her insider tips second to none. As No7’s Creative Director you know with each season this brand will introduce an on-trend make-up story masterminded by Lisa.


This Spring No7 aims to pirouette into our make-up bags. Their Limited Edition Ballerina Beauty Collection is full of super pretty pink and tawny shades that can't help but bring the skin to life. Lisa’s two breakout stars are the Ballerina Beauty Blush Palette (excuse the slightly crumbled appearance) which gives a wash of light-up-your-skin glow, and a new nail hue cutely called Tip Toes from their Stay Perfect Nail range. A shimmering nude which catches the light. The collection infuses  Lisa's two loves - 60’s make-up and the prettiness of ballet complete with up-dos, she's  she’s created a look that’s both beautiful and directional.  “It’s all about feminine glamour,” says Lisa. “I just love the dewy complexion paired with subtle lips which contrasts against 60’s fluttering lashes. Ta Dah indeed!

Ballerina Beauty Blush Palette, £12
Tip Toes Nail Polish, £6
Both are Limited Edition and available until 19th March whilst stocks last

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Clarins blooms for spring

Just had to do a short and sweet post on Clarins two star products for their gorgeous spring colours inspired by the beauty of the Iris flower.

The Limited Edition Face & Blush Powder, £30 (below) has the Iris imprinted on the trio of complexion enlivening shades to give skin a spring glow and even tone. A silky-smooth compact, simply whirl a soft brush over to pick up all shades and dust over the face. The Light-Optimizing + Complex reduces the intensity of lines and imperfections for a flawless finish.

The Limited Edition Eye Quartet Mineral Palette, £30 (above) is a line up of four shimmering mineral eye shades. The Iris is a 'showy' flower and this reflects in the shades of an intense plum, white highlighter, nutmeg brown and a deep black liner. Smudge, blend and shade for a bewitching eye.

In store now or online at

Shampoo with science


It’s amazing how water can make or break you hair. I can always tell the difference when holidaying somewhere ‘soft’ in terms of water, say Cornwall where my hair acts in a completely different way to it does in London. In otherwords, before product help, the texture of my hair can swing from feeling rough and tangled in a hard water area to lank and no-can-do to a soft water area. Whether hard or soft water runs from your shower head there’s now a shampoo line that actively works with your water type to give you more manageable hair.


Area H20 are products that attracts the metal ions that are present in every water type and allows you to wash them away easily before they react with your shampoo to form deposits. Developed by London hairdresser, Patrick Lehane along with biochemists, it’s a line that results in cleaner, better behaved hair. More than just shampoo psychobabble, it does work. My hair came away from the shower feeling cleaner, squeaky even after shampooing. Whilst blow-drying my hair literally felt lighter. The press release throws science at me in terms of insoluble salt resides for hard water and sodium content and desalinated water for soft, but essentially my hair is just telling me it likes this shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t feel stripped, dehydrated or wrung through the wash, it just feels nice. And isn’t that what we all want from our shampoo and conditioner?

Area H20 Hard, Medium or Soft Water Shampoo for Normal to Fine Hair, £9.95
Area H2) Hard, Medium or Soft Water Shampoo for Coloured Hair, £9.95
H20 Hard, Medium or Soft Water Conditioner, £9.95
Each variant is also available in duo packs at £17.50

Available from

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Posh lips

There’s lipstick and then there’s lipstick. And when Tom Ford slam dunks the beauty world with a collection of ten new lip shades you know you're in for a treat.
As you would expect from a perfectionist - I've heard his attention to detail is second to none, the collection is nothing but beautiful. To the way it looks to the way it applies. A hybrid between a lipstick and a gloss, the bullet slides across the lips to create a semi-transparent, hi-shine veil of colours that imparts sensuality, and moisturises the lips something wonderful. That may just be the ingredients of chamomilla flower oil and Brazilian murumuru butter.  The finish is mwah! Willful, a gorgeous orange red shade hasn’t been off my lips since I discovered it two weeks ago.
As for colour, lips will knock themselves out with the range of shades. Cherry pick from neutrals, through to pinks and vivids. At £36 they cash in more than your average lipstick, but who wants average?
Stockists: 0870 034 2566

Monday, 4 February 2013

Bourjois has an eye for a trend


It’s always a pleasure hooking up with Cassie Lomas, chief make-up artist for Bourjois. Chatty, friendly and passionate about make-up, Cassie is an insider that has the ability to take a trend and make it beautifully wearable. Witness her 60’s eye with a twist for the look she created for Clements Ribeiro’s SS13 look.


“I wanted to create the perfect retro shade of powder blue eyeshadow,” reveals Cassie. “For this I mixed two products together – a creamy Metallise eyeliner pencil in shade Bleu Clinquant Metallise, £4.99 with a little touch of Healthy Mix Brush Concealer, £8.49 into the colour on the back of my hand. I then smudge the shade across the eyelids.” To set the colour Cassie dabbed a little Bourjois Round Pot Eyeshadow in their just-launched shade 17 – a very pretty azure powder blue. When I dropped into her masterclass that showed how to replicate the runway look, Cassie up-swung the trend further by lining the lash line with Bourjois’s Pinceau Liner, £6.99. “Wing out so it looks graphic and strong, not Pat Butcher,” Cassie reveals. 


The rest of the face was kept super simple using the much feted Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, £10.99 which Cassie buffs onto the skin using a fluffy brush. Lips were played down with a slick of Rouge Edition Lipstick in nude. The result? Retro gorgeous!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Darphin adds to its skin arsenal


Magazines may tell us 30 is the new 20, but we just wish our brain receptors would tell our skin! Yep, 30 and beyond are great ages, more experience, more wisdom, more settled... but it’s also a time when there’s more changes to the skin.

The French brand, Darphin who have clocked up more than 50 yeas in anti-ageing expertise reveal that once we hit the big 3-0, skin flips from youthful to needy. Lines start appearing around the eyeline, forehead and mouth. That pink cheeked perkiness loses its radiance and skin’s bank of youthful resources is gradually depleted. Although emergency measures aren’t needed, help certainly is, which is why this month they’re introducing two skincare innovations in their Ideal Resource skincare line. Cleverly called the Wrinkle Minimizer Perfecting Serum and the Micro-refining Smoothing Fluid – who wouldn’t want a bit of this skin treatment jargon? They both profess to give a triple action of targeting radiance, lines and texture.


Kapow! At the heart of both products is their hard working botanical trio called The Line Polish Complex. Knotweed, White Hibiscus and Centella Asiatica all dance together and support the natural cell renewal of the skin, smooth the appearance of winkles and help to minimise imperfections. In tests, 35% saw an instant result in radiance, and after four weeks, 29% of women said skin texture had improved in terms of softness and less visible pores.

The Wrinkle Miminizer Perfecting Serum, £59 works specifically on lines. Rich in Tannin Tree Extract, it helps support the skin’s natural collagen fibres.

The Micro-refining Smoothing Fluid, £50 feels like velvet and helps the sloughing of dull skin, much like an exfoliator. It’s ideal for the 40% of women over the age of 25 who have combination or oily skin as it boasts shine control powers.

The Ideal Resource Line is available from selection Darphin salons and online from 6th February.