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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Shampoo with science


It’s amazing how water can make or break you hair. I can always tell the difference when holidaying somewhere ‘soft’ in terms of water, say Cornwall where my hair acts in a completely different way to it does in London. In otherwords, before product help, the texture of my hair can swing from feeling rough and tangled in a hard water area to lank and no-can-do to a soft water area. Whether hard or soft water runs from your shower head there’s now a shampoo line that actively works with your water type to give you more manageable hair.


Area H20 are products that attracts the metal ions that are present in every water type and allows you to wash them away easily before they react with your shampoo to form deposits. Developed by London hairdresser, Patrick Lehane along with biochemists, it’s a line that results in cleaner, better behaved hair. More than just shampoo psychobabble, it does work. My hair came away from the shower feeling cleaner, squeaky even after shampooing. Whilst blow-drying my hair literally felt lighter. The press release throws science at me in terms of insoluble salt resides for hard water and sodium content and desalinated water for soft, but essentially my hair is just telling me it likes this shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t feel stripped, dehydrated or wrung through the wash, it just feels nice. And isn’t that what we all want from our shampoo and conditioner?

Area H20 Hard, Medium or Soft Water Shampoo for Normal to Fine Hair, £9.95
Area H2) Hard, Medium or Soft Water Shampoo for Coloured Hair, £9.95
H20 Hard, Medium or Soft Water Conditioner, £9.95
Each variant is also available in duo packs at £17.50

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