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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Jo Malone's Scent of Innocence

When Jo Malone introduces a new fragrance you always know your senses will do an olfactory somersault. The reason?  It’s never anything run-of-the-mill  - the juice always surprises. Creative in their combinations, their scent-spiration this September is the notion of innocence. The innocence of picking blackberries as a child. I remember those afternoons out with my parents popping blackberries into a Tupperware box along with cramming as many more in my mouth. My fingertips along with my lips took on the colour of a gothic bruised purple. Wonderful!


The marrying of Blackberry & Bay is unexpected in its twist. Blackberry doesn’t exist in perfumery, so it has to be created with a blackcurrant bud. Bay delivers a super crunchy green note which sings with cedarwood and delicate flowers. The overall effect is not sweet and sickly as one might expect, but rather tarte with a sparkly, juicy heart. Just the fragrance to open our senses to an Indian summer.


Jo Malone also announced at their press gathering, that as so many of their fragrances take flowers and gardens as their inspiration, it’s collaborating with the UK gardening charity, Thrive. This new and exciting partnership will provide horticultural training for those with disabilities and mental ill health to maintain a garden in London. Their current project is the Old English garden in London’s Battersea Park. You can follow their progress on the Jo Malone’s facebook page. Blooming marvellous!  

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay is available from September priced from £38 for 30ml Cologne.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Elemis Saves Face


Oh dear. It sometimes seems there’s nothing good to be said about ageing skin. Thinning. Sagging. Slack. Just  a few of the unflattering adjectives that pop up when describing  the state of skin past the age of 35. Although I’ve superseded that number I’m forever the beauty optimist and I won’t let Deputy Dawg joules hang in my way!


My newest discovery to help push back everything in its rightful place is Pro-Intense Lift Effect from Elemis. Developed over three years it has been clinically proven (heart takes a little leap!) to reduce facial contour sagging. In clinical trials 63% of women measured a significant remodelling effect in cheek sagging. How so? Well, the key active ingredients work with the skin’s natural function at the dermal-epidermal junction level. This is the area where your dermis connects to your epidermis. The fusing between the two levels of skin is crucial due to the roles it plays in cellular communication.

Elemis’s wonder ingredients combine a high-tech bio-complex of PAPILACTYL D – a super duper natural extract from African Tiger Nut which helps reinforce skin’s structure, Lupin which has been proven to reduce the volume of jowls, Edelweiss, a natural plant stem cells that helps inhibt the enzyme Collagense and Tiger Grass, that helps reboot skin tone and elasticity. Like anything worth working for, results aren’t immediate, clinical trails were judged after 56 days, but my first impressions are good. The formula is lightweight and is readily absorbed, plus skin is left feeling pleasantly smooth. I've only been using for a week or so, but I'm hopeful of a jowly good show over the next two months!

 Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Effect costs £55 and is available from this month.


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hair's New Wonder Oil

Jo Hansford is known as one of the world’s best hair colourists, so when she launches a product your hair stands up on end – in a good way! As you know it’s going to be good.

I rely on oil rather than a serum to add polish to my finished style, which Jo’s new ILLUMINOIL does with ease, but I’m also happy to tell you it clocks up extra hair miles too.

Firstly, it smells delicious. And I mean delicious, and secondly it juggles four oils to give your hair a new lease of life. Argan, Jojoba, Pomegranate and Almond all work synergistically to naturally help hydrate, repair, revitalise and improve lustre to hair. As for its talents – there are many.  Use to gloss your finishing style and tame flyaways, before blow-drying apply mid-lengths downwards to experience one of your best blow-outs. For hair missing its mojo, put back by using as an intensive treatment. Apply to damp hair and leave for 10 minutes to restructure damaged and over processed hair before rinsing off.  Furthermore, for flaky, dry or irritiated scalps use as an overnight treatment. Simply wrap your hair in a silk headscarf and wake up with wonder locks!

ILLUMINOIL costs £29 and is available from and

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Your Hair's Band of Gold


Ever since discovering Goody ponytail ties I haven’t been able to use anything else when scrapping my hair back. Why? Because they treat the hair well – no pulling, or snagging and they keep their elastic intact – just like a good pair of knickers! So how excited was I when they introduced DoubleWear 2in1 Ponytailers and Bracelets?


If you’re a serial ponytailer like myself, and find your hair going up and down, up and down like an express lift throughout the day, but don't like slipping a bland tie on your wrist – which adds nothing to the bracelet party, then you're going to love these next time your hair wants to rise. These little hair babies double up as a bracelet with their chic band of gold. As you can see from my snap, you can’t even tell they’re a hair accessory so good is their masquerade. What a genius hair brained idea!

Goody DoubleWear 2in1 Ponytailers & Bracelets costs £3.70 for three available from Boots nationwide.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Gwyneth's New Scent


When pulse hunting for a new fragrance we take many things into account even before we decide to spritz it. The packaging. The bottle. The Lifestyle. What I mean about the lifestyle is the message it portrays. Is it a scent that talks to you directly, or one you aspire to live?


Boss Nuit Pour Femme, I’m sure will ‘talk’ to many women. It’s inspired by something we always have hanging in our wardrobe. The little black dress and the confidence it literally dresses us with. Positioning itself as the perfect complement to this hallowed garment, the top notes illustrate the sense of excitement as she prepares to hit the town including white peach for a fresh and sparkling fizz, the heart of the fragrance is a heady mix of jasmine, white flowers and violet to add sensual softness. The seductive underbelly of warm woods and creamy sandalwood lend a sexy edge.  Its sleek, weighty bottle also adds gravitas to its fashion following.


But as any fragrance house knows, it’s The Face that can persuade women to either sidestep or spray. If there’s one woman that looks good rocking a black dress, then it’s Gwyneth Paltrow who is to appear in print and TV ads for Nuit. “To me, the BOSS woman is driven, ambitious, and goes after what she wants, but she balances being strong and very feminine at the same time – characteristics that I strive towards in my own life,” says the woman herself. Now, if I can get that feeling bottled – I’m definitely buying!

Boss Nuit Pour Femme Eau de Parfum costs from £34 for 30ml