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Saturday, 11 January 2014

The high-brow eyebrow


Like hemlines eyebrows aren’t adverse to fashion. We’ve had them shaved off – for the truly fashion forward, thin, bushy and penciled. High Definition brows then hit. But that was so 2013. It’s now all about 3D Faceframe Eyebrows. 

Otherwise known as the super power brow, this is a highbrow look that cannot be penciled or painted on. Faceframe 3D Eyebrows is a salon based innovation created by therapist Sheron Oakley. A good innovation has a great back story and Sheron’s is no different. When one of her clients was going through the trauma of chemotherapy she remarked, although it was easier enough to cover up the loss of hair with wigs and scarves, the loss of eyebrows had a far bigger impact. Eyebrows shape and define the face and without them features are over exposed and facial context is lost. Tattooing is one option and faux brows with pencils are another, however Sheron was on a mission of mercy to find an answer that didn’t involve needles or the chore of hand drawing the perfect brow everyday. Fast forward two years with a bundle of research and a large dose of experimentation with different materials under her beauty belt, Sheron came up with the idea of adhering individual hair of synthetic mink direction onto the skin. Voila! A realistic brow was borne using 100% skin safe products that were ideal for filling, thickening, lengthening and defining, as well as being waterproof and moisture proof too. Not only helping those going through chemotherapy, 3D brows can benefit any brow that needs filling or shaping. Sounding like eyebrow manna from heaven, here I caught up with Sheron to find out more.

Dollymixture (DM) This technique sounds like it will really rock the look of I-need-help-eyebrows everywhere. It sounds special.
Sheron Oakley (SO) Thank you! It’s a personalised treatment where we bespoke the brow to suit your face shape. We are training beauty professionals only, where we advise on not only on positioning but creating eyebrows by building up in stages which is unlike any other brow technique. It’s amazing how just a couple of hairs can later the look of the entire eyebrow.

DM: What would you expect from a treatment?
SO: We work with a very simple marking system to position the brow to the aesthetic ideal. However, we are about personalised brow design so work with what the client already has and the look they want to achieve. As we know eyebrow trends adapt and change continually and we can do that with 3D.

DM: Are you in the chair for ages?
SO: Because we are working directly onto the skin, the treatment only takes about half an hour for a full brow. Small gap fills of slight lengthening can be achieved with just a few hairs, so therefore takes minutes.

DM: What is the normal reaction of someone who has been 3D?
SO: They are always amazed by how natural they look and how they cannot feel the hair or the fixer. In some cases it can literally take years off the face. You only need to look at Cara Delevingne to appreciate the power of the brow in beauty.

The cost of treatment depends on time taken. An infill with cost from £10-£15. A full length natural brow costs from £20-£25.
A list of approved salons offering 3D Faceframe Eyebrows is available on


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