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Saturday, 25 February 2012

La Roche-Posay's Hopes of Getting Even


It doesn’t matter how much SPF you slap on, sun damage, however small will play catch-up at some point. I’ve always been fanatical about applying copious amounts of SPF when on holiday. Furthermore, I pick a moisturiser with an inclusion of a weighty SPF such as a 15 for everyday use, but even after years of being a skin saint, those little brown spots aka liver or ageing spots are beginning to show their horrid little marks.

There has been an influx of pigment bashing products over the last few years, namely because research has highlighted that it’s not wrinkles or lines that make you look older, but an uneven skintone. That’s one blighted by uneven pigmentation including sun spots – such a better phrase than liver spots don’t you think? La Roche-Posay who recently launched Biomedic Pigment Control reveal that 1 out of 3 women report skin pigmentation disorders. Unlike wrinkles which can be laughed away, hey it’s a sign of enjoying life right? Brown spots are deemed muddy looking and a clear sign that youth has well and truly slipped away.

Well, I’m certainly not in my first flush of youth, but then again I don’t view myself as leaving the beauty party just yet, so I’ve been applying this targeted concentrated conditioning serum for the last few days. And it’s getting a good trialling, around my hairline where sun spots have developed through incidental sun exposure whilst wearing hair in a ponytail, across the backs of my hands and a little on my chest. As you would expect from a serum, it's lightweight and easily absorbed. It comes with a dropper, so I just tend to drop onto offending areas and rub in.  Now, I can’t report any fading yet, as their blurb dictates advanced correction within 4 weeks, so I will tweet in a month’s time if any invisibility has started to take form. But I’m hopeful. The clinical data all reads incredibly scientific, but it’s safe to say powerful key ingredients have been recruited including kojic acid, glycolic acid and LHA – which works by performing fine desquamation (skin peeling) at a micro-level.  I’m not expecting a virtual looking skin, but I have hopes that it can deliver a little rebooting and refreshing. Come on Roche-Posay knock the spots off me!

La Roche-Posay BioMedic Pigment Control costs £29 and is available from Boots and independent chemists.

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