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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dirty Works for Clean Girls'

Good packaging always seduces, and Dirty Works knows what works. With on-message colours and eye-catching graphics along with their catchy tags – whatever copy writer came up with ‘say hello smooth you’re in the groove’ deserves a success on their hands, it all makes for a cheery impulse buy.

If you're looking for quick shower-shake-up, Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub is a super creamy exfoliator that isn’t scratchy on the skin, but has enough pumice particles roughness to whip away sell-by-date dead skin cells. All Of A Lather Body Wash, smells laundry fresh thanks to lemongrass extract, and has the sensory power to wake up a duvet slumbering sleepy head.   

They are also incredibly well priced. £3.99 for the scrub and £2.99 for the wash. Available from Sainsbury’s. It seems a beauty crime not to chuck them into your trolley along with the groceries.

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