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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Zelens does Zen for Skin

Zelens is probably a brand you haven’t heard of unless you’re a real skincare boff – namely, because it doesn’t have a huge advertising budget and not aired on TV, or splashed on billboards professing to wipe years off in five minutes. But what it does have is plenty of integrity, bringing a scientific approach to natural beauty.

A brand favoured by beauty directors’ namely because it has been developed by Dr Marko Lens, a well respected plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and a know-it-all (in a very good way) in the field of skin cancer and skin ageing. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Dr Lens, I’m in the queue next time he’s in town, but I hear he has knowledge oozing out of his pores when it comes to skincare. Although I am a teeny bit frightened he will scrutinise my face and finally advise me to have some Botox!

The only way for me (at the moment) is au natural, but I’ve been trialling his Radiance Luminous Facial Cleanser along with his 3t Complex Essential Anti-Ageing cream now for a good six weeks and….wow! No, I don’t look 10 years younger, nor do I look like I’ve had a stab at Botox where lines have disappeared (they have softened though), but they’re an absolute pleasure to use. The sensory levels are way up there in terms of superior formulations along with the way they feel under fingertips, and they’ve both left my skin feeling, well, beautiful. It’s performing better too, no breakouts, and the stretch of chilly weather that’s recently hit, the dynamic skin duo have risen to the challenge of keeping my dehydrated skin nicely hydrated and feeling comfortable.

Being a skin scientist, Dr Lens understands how the skin functions at a molecular level, and it’s that experience he’s brought to his formulations. He has used potent plant derived ingredients, many of which are chosen from traditional Japanese herbal Kampo medicine. In fact, it sounds silly, but these two products do have a Zen like approach to your skin – very calming. The cleanser is a luxurious and light creamy texture and lordy, lordy if I sound like a commercial I cannot help it, but really does leave the skin feeling like velvet after cleansing. Camellia oil is its hero inclusion, enriched with essential fatty acids. It’s known as the ‘beauty oil’ due to its age defying features, and has been used for centuries in Japan to maintain smooth and soft skin.  The anti-ageing cream is a triumph too. Again, very light to the touch without feeling occlusive on the skin, and the science behind it being, Dr Lens developed a unique plant derived triterpenoid regenerative complex, otherwise coined 3t complex. This contains plant isolated ursolic acid, concentrated cell extracts from 15 plants and 5 sea algae and 7 herbal oils. The science and tongue twisting names may sound baffling, but all you need to know is, it works! Skin feels baby smooth, fines lines are hydrated, therefore they seem less noticeable and because of that extra plumpness, skin looks radiant and relaxed.

When it comes to cost, they’re not cheap – although a little goes a long way. You only need one pump of the cleanser to get good coverage, and a small amount of the moisturiser to adquately apply and massage in. The Facial Cleanser is £40 and the Anti-Ageing Cream, £95, but if you can afford them, comfort yourself you’re buying into expertise and products that live up to their name. Dr Marko Lens I skin salute you!

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