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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bobbi Brown Goes with the Glow

Lots of things make our skin glow: doing a headstand, running for the bus, having sex! But all of these things take energy. An instant inner glow is what we all crave, a non-sweat glow that blesses the skin with a slight glisten, giving the illusion we’re full of get-up-and-go.

Make-up artist, Bobbi Brown is one of the smartest cosmetic cookies around; as she manages to consistently deliver colours or concepts that you never knew you needed until now. Always the sign of a great creative.  Her Brightening Nudes Collection is just the collection to tempt your skin out of its winter cocoon, and inject some much needed brightness and radiance. Apart from the limited edition Sparkle Eye Shadows that open up the eyes with shimmering pearls and glitter, there’s a standing ovation for her star product, Brightening Finishing Powder that surely lands the leading role. A palette of muted but skin loving colours, the formula as you can see from my close up snaps is ultra sheer and silky. The six gleaming shades complement each other by mingling and mixing together seamlessly to instantly prettify the skin with a dusting of skin-tone correct colour. Simply swirl a brush over the palette to marry all the shades together and feather brush lightly over cheeks, forehead, nose and chin – anywhere the sun naturally hits. Any pallor is instantly whipped away, bring lustre to the face in a nanosecond. It sets make-up perfectly too. In fact, it’s the must doable skin trick for happy looking skin until summer’s warming rays creep out from grey skies. Make it your spring buy.

Brightening Finishing Powder is on counter March priced at £40.00

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