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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Shiseido's Eye for Luminous Beauty

SHADES FROM LEFT: BL215, PK214 and OR313

Just had to tell you about these Shimmering Cream Eye Colors new from Shiseido. The textures are just sublime – they literally glide over the lid, whereby the pearly powder reflects different colours from every angle. The secret being the Jewel Reflecting Powder is transparent, so does not impede with the colour. This make-up composition allows plenty of light to pass through it, thereby achieving a luminous quality. They’re dreamy to apply too, giving just the right amount of impact.  Simply wash over the lid with a fingertip – no blending needed for all day dewiness.

As well as the unique cosmetic ‘arrangement’ of these three iridescent shades, I love the inspiration behind the trio given by Shiseido’s Make Up Artistic Director, Dick Page. A visionary behind many an editorial beauty splash, the new colour palette was created via his passion for photography. Shade PK214 was inspired by his picture of a pale sea shell where the centre had been cutaway revealing a cool simplicity. OR313 came about by photographing sunlight playing on water. “I coloured the water with food colouring, campari and bath salts,” reveals Dick. The result? A burnished type sun shower shade. And BL215 was the colour that came from a photo of broken ice in the Arctic, which Dick describes as having a “kind of fragile quality.”  Overall, their effect is artistic and modern, giving an illuminating radiance to eyes. Just gorgeous!

Shiseido Shimmer Cream Eye Colours costs £20 each.
Stockists: 0207 313 4774

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