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Friday, 24 January 2014

Scents of time

The reintroduction of this fragrance from Clinique originally launched in 1986 really took me back. Not so much olfactory, more lifestyle. I had landed my first magazine job thinking I was all get-go and stylish, along with believing the world was for my taking. In many ways it was, although hopefully I’ve shaken off some youthful and headstrong ways! But Calyx summed up that era for me with its bottled confidence. The bottle is direct and modern in its approach – no flowery stopper or faceted glass here, and the only fruit in the scent is grapefruit that makes it incredibly fresh, zestful and clean. Clearly ahead of it’s time sandwiched in-between the indulgent and cloying power scents the shoulder-padded generation represented, it deserves a successful comeback in this century. You could say it’s a fragrance that’s grown into itself.

Calyx retails at £36 for 50ml.
Exclusive in Selfridges now and available nationwide from the 28th February.

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