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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Jo Malone's Scent of Innocence

When Jo Malone introduces a new fragrance you always know your senses will do an olfactory somersault. The reason?  It’s never anything run-of-the-mill  - the juice always surprises. Creative in their combinations, their scent-spiration this September is the notion of innocence. The innocence of picking blackberries as a child. I remember those afternoons out with my parents popping blackberries into a Tupperware box along with cramming as many more in my mouth. My fingertips along with my lips took on the colour of a gothic bruised purple. Wonderful!


The marrying of Blackberry & Bay is unexpected in its twist. Blackberry doesn’t exist in perfumery, so it has to be created with a blackcurrant bud. Bay delivers a super crunchy green note which sings with cedarwood and delicate flowers. The overall effect is not sweet and sickly as one might expect, but rather tarte with a sparkly, juicy heart. Just the fragrance to open our senses to an Indian summer.


Jo Malone also announced at their press gathering, that as so many of their fragrances take flowers and gardens as their inspiration, it’s collaborating with the UK gardening charity, Thrive. This new and exciting partnership will provide horticultural training for those with disabilities and mental ill health to maintain a garden in London. Their current project is the Old English garden in London’s Battersea Park. You can follow their progress on the Jo Malone’s facebook page. Blooming marvellous!  

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay is available from September priced from £38 for 30ml Cologne.

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