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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Where scent meets art


When art meets fragrance (or Donna meets Keith)  what do you get? DKNY’s new limited edition Be Delicious Keith Haring Collection. This really is a fabulous collaboration where two New York brands have collided to celebrate this pool of high energy, all-happening city.


Keith Haring, although born in Pennsylvania, was inspired by New York street culture and graffiti artists when he moved to the big apple in the eighties.  Haring’s influencers were Dr Seuss and Walt Disney, and you can see he took up on their simplistic cartoonic qualities, but put a fresh spin on his own designs, making them fresher and edgier. But why the collaboration? Donna Karan has said that she admired the artist upon first seeing his works appear in a metro station in New York, and could relate to not only the visuals but his messages via his art. Haring’s designs communicated birth, death, sex and war messages that clearly portrayed an urban, youthful and original spirit.

Sadly, Haring died at just 31 in 1990, but his art is just as relevant and socially conscious today. Be Delicious. Be Artsy!

The DKNY Art Woman and Men launches today at £34.
The DKNY trilogy of Be Delicious Art Collection of Fresh Blossom, Golden Delicious and Be Delicious launch in April priced at £36.

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