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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

No7 does ballet


Boots reveal that a quarter of UK women are planning on trying a new look this year. This may sound easy peasy, but really how many of us are stuck in a Groundhog Day beauty rut? We may admire and appreciate the newest colours and trends, but wearing them is a whole other matter.


If there’s one make-up artist that inspires us to move on from beige eyeshadow it’s Lisa Eldridge, an artist that adopts trends and makes them utterly wearable. Her tutorials are followed closely and by many on her website as the step-by-steps are goof proof. Her insider tips second to none. As No7’s Creative Director you know with each season this brand will introduce an on-trend make-up story masterminded by Lisa.


This Spring No7 aims to pirouette into our make-up bags. Their Limited Edition Ballerina Beauty Collection is full of super pretty pink and tawny shades that can't help but bring the skin to life. Lisa’s two breakout stars are the Ballerina Beauty Blush Palette (excuse the slightly crumbled appearance) which gives a wash of light-up-your-skin glow, and a new nail hue cutely called Tip Toes from their Stay Perfect Nail range. A shimmering nude which catches the light. The collection infuses  Lisa's two loves - 60’s make-up and the prettiness of ballet complete with up-dos, she's  she’s created a look that’s both beautiful and directional.  “It’s all about feminine glamour,” says Lisa. “I just love the dewy complexion paired with subtle lips which contrasts against 60’s fluttering lashes. Ta Dah indeed!

Ballerina Beauty Blush Palette, £12
Tip Toes Nail Polish, £6
Both are Limited Edition and available until 19th March whilst stocks last

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