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Monday, 5 December 2011

Treats get Naked!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m shop snooping for sparkly girlfriend treats, I’m always put off by gift sets. Packaging can really work a product when it’s all boxed up, beribboned and fancy, but when product is surrounded by plastic, it makes them look, ahem, cheap! But this year I’ve decided to look beyond the packaging and take note of the actual products.

I’ve taken a selection of goodies available in Boots this Christmas, which not only makes for easy shopping, but competitive pricing too. And as you can see from my snaps, the products look infinitely more tempting away from the packaging. So, my small Santa suggestion would be to discard the plastic altogether if you don’t like, and wrap products up individually in tissue paper and ribbon to spread a little luxury.

Hello Kitty Eye Smoky Eye Kit, £12
How cutesome is this for a teen sister or work friend? Two of London’s funky brands collide – Hello Kitty meet Liberty Art Fabrics, where the dinky, decorated cardboard pots include three classic shades to create a bewitching smoky eye, all of which can be professionally applied with the double ended applicator.

Compact Mirror, £8
This just goes to illustrate my point how much better this compact looks away from the packaging. It has a definite vintage feel and is just the retro handbag accessory to keep you looking touched-up and gorgeous on-the-go.

No7 The Nail Collection, £10
No7 have a couple of polish sets this season, this one is called Beneath the Evening Stars Mini Nail Set. I like No7’s polishes anyway, they cover well and dry quick, so to get four in a set is a real bonus. Plus, there’s not one duff colour! All the shades are completely on-message, and Glitterball (the silver sparkly one) looks great when applied over any of the other three colours. And at that penny pinching price, they only work out £2.50 each. What’s not to love?

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