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Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, New Eau de Parfum...with love from Dior

One of the sensual mysticism's of fragrance is not wafting around smelling like everybody else. A mass fragrance may well have appeal, but it’s likely to be worn on pulse points from Bradford to Brighton. A cult fragrance gives off its own aura and therefore envelopes the wearer with a true sense of olfactory individuality. Whether borne out of being-in-the-know or simply out priced for many people’s pockets, Christian Dior’s Patchouli Imperial could be slotted into both categories.

La Collection Privee Christian Dior is the House’s most elite and luxurious perfumery creation. Powerful in statement – the fragrances are hand-made and hand-packaged, they are a collection of perfumes that are inspired by a person, place, ingredient or a moment in time dear to the House. Their newest introduction is Patchouli Imperial, a fragrance that symbolises the House’s Haute-Parfumerie expertise. Patchouli is an essential ingredient of Dior’s fragrances, and has been since the New Look revolution in 1947.

The bottle is simple in design that only goes to enhance its elitism. The cap is comfortably weighted which is magnetically drawn onto the top of the bottle. Anyone that is a connoisseur of Patchouli will tell you of its underlying masculinity, but with feminine bewitching qualities. Interestingly, Dior reveals that Patchouli’s reputation was established in the 19th century with the importation of silk and cashmere. The leaves were used to wrap the fabrics, protecting them from deterioration.

Thoroughly modern in its approach, whilst still keeping its heritage, this Patchouli driven scent is softened by rosy notes with accents of cedar wood, sandalwood and amber. Once spritzed, it leaves its fragrance fingerprint lingering all day. For 125ml it rings in at £120, so not cheap, but if you have any post Christmas gift money it’s well worth splurging if you’re a scent siren.

Available from 23rd January at Dior’s Maison de Parfums at Selfridges London     


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