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Sunday, 22 January 2012

L'Occitane Goes Cherry Picking

Succulent. Red. Tempting. Delicious. Ripe. L’Occitane are smart to launch their Cherry Princess limited edition collection in February. The month of true and romantic love, cherries sum up a lightness of being as well as a dash of sensuality. Really, a guy can’t go wrong when he brings a girl cherries – in whatever guise!


With a once upon a time threading its way through the collection, the story goes that Hortense de Beauharnais was the daughter of Empress Josephine. Admired for her porcelain complexion, and a girl who would blush in response to any compliment paid to her beauty, the name of this French princess was given to one of the most graceful cherry trees. When its white-as-snow petals give way to fruits, the branches of this cherry tree reveal rare red pearls that are crisp and juicy. They radiate with a natural, beautiful glow – just like the glow that once lit up the pretty face of the princess.


Apart from the inspiration, there’s much to like about this collection. Firstly, the packaging is tres jolie conveying a sense of playful sophistication, and secondly you can’t help but fall head-over-heels in love with the fragrance. Capturing everything you would want from a relationship it’s delicate and sweet with a floral softness that can’t help but lift your heart. St Valentine we hope you don’t disappoint!

The Cherry Princess Collection: Eau de Toilette, £29, Solid Perfume, £7.50, Silk Body Gel, £18, Pearlescent Shower Cream, £13 and Hand Cream, £7.50. All limited edition available from Februrary.

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