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Friday, 13 May 2011

number crunching

A name popped up on my Facebook page this week that I recognised from way back when. Curious, I clicked on her profile to see what she was up to. Now, when I knew her she was always a year older than myself. But miraculously over the decades she had become six years younger! How did that happen? Did she accidentally find Dr Who’s Tardis and transport herself back in time?

Being an age deceiver is hard. I know she would be celebrating a life worthy birthday soon, so how is she going to hide that from her work colleagues and friends that didn’t know her twenty years ago? If an age dodger, before you know it you’re wrapping yourself up in a whole load of fiction – or to put it more bluntly, you become a liar.  Why would she knock six years off anyway? Does she think she acts younger, looks younger or because she works in a creative industry her real age would prejudice against her? Or does she think she will come across as worldly for her age? After all she has banked additional life experience and using it whilst masquerading under a lower number.

It’s no big shock when actresses or TV personalities are caught fibbing about their age, as it’s more-or-less expected. But when a ‘normal’ person is caught juggling around with numbers, it can quickly become an embarrassment if you’re rumbled. And credibility is lost. After all, you must surely think, what else are they fibbing about?

The losing of youth is sometimes hard to face, but that’s life. Time ticks on and your age with it, unless of course you’re Benjamin Button. But seriously why not work your birth date with confidence, and when over 35 why not say it with aplomb, rather than with shame. You’d be surprised how much energy you free up. Really, isn’t it time to grow up about age?

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