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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

how to play a winning hand

Mistress of the nail:
Kimmie Kyees
Nail polish is up there with lipstick and hair colour when it comes to trending your style. I’ve just been sent this fab Q&A with Kimmie Kyees, brand ambassador for Elegant Touch and celebrity manicurist that I know every cool beauty hunter will love.
What celebrities have you worked with?  How do they wear their nails?I work with Katy Perry who prefers her nails to be short so she can play the guitar. At the moment she loves a beige or pink opaque colour, but when it comes to going on stage we use press-on tips in a variety of colours and designs. She loves glitter and heart shapes in particular and I will often match her nail design to her outfit.

I also work with Rihanna who almost always wears her nails long and for special occasions loves a full nail of glitter. Her favourite everyday polish shades are bright red, orange or a simple beige.
What are the hottest nails looks for 2011?
Pastel colours are always big in summer and have a huge wearability, with mint green, lavender and beige shades all being on-trend. Pastels also suit all skin-tones; you just need to pick a warmer or cooler version of the shade depending on your tone. It’s always a good idea to test a colour out on one nail first to see if the shade suits you if you aren’t too sure.

Matte nails are still really popular, and I think a great new way to wear them is with a glossy tip. Matte polishes aren’t actually that long wearing and they chip easily, so you need to take care of a matte polish. Matte press-on nails are a good way to keep a longer looking manicure.

There is a lot of interest in glitter nails at the moment and a lot of celebrities like Rihanna love this look, particularly a full coloured glitter nail in red or orange. Glitter looks really pretty and feminine on the nail but it’s also still very cool and modern which makes it a popular choice.

What is the most fashionable nail shape?
Having a slightly rounded and pointy tip to the nails is a really nice shape. It’s a natural curve which makes the fingers look more slender. A good, basic rule for shaping the nail is to mimic the base shape of your cuticle.

Why has the French Manicure lasted the test of time? Is there a more modern way to wear it?
The French Manicure is just a clean and beautiful nail look which goes with anything! An off-white tip is probably a more natural take on this, where a bright-white tip is easily toned down by painting a pink or nude polish over the top.

The half-moon manicure is a great modern alternative to the French Manicure. Paint the moon onto the nail at the cuticle over the top of a different shade which is on the entire nail. A slim French Manicure brush is the best tool to use to achieve a neat looking moon. Try the manicure with brighter colours, and if you’re feeling really adventurous neon looks really cool!

What would be the best way to wear your nails to a wedding?
The traditional French Manicure is a classic look and doesn’t distract too much from the rest of your ensemble. If you have pearls in your dress, a simple pearlescent top coat over the nail will also give a classic and simple finish. It really does depend on what you’re wearing though; if your dress doesn’t look traditional then neither should your nails!

What are your top tips for applying false nails at home?It is important to prepare your nails correctly. Start by cleaning the nail bed using nail polish remover. Make sure the nail is clean and dry before applying the false nails, or the glue won’t adhere properly. Once the nail is prepped, apply the glue over the entire surface of the nail making sure there are no gaps. Place the nail onto your natural nail. When there are air bubbles under the nail, it can easily pop off, so press the false nail onto your nail at the centre, and ensure all the air is pushed out, hold for 5 seconds so it sticks, and then just repeat for all the other nails.
What are your top tips for taking care of your nails and cuticles?
To maintain your cuticles, the easiest way for you to push them back is after you have come out of the shower; your cuticles will be nice and soft, especially if you have used hair conditioner. If you don’t have the appropriate tool, you can always push them back using the thumb nail from your other hand.

Cuticle oil is an essential to keep nails healthy, hydrated and to help prevent them from splitting. Your nails are quite porous and will be able to absorb the oil quickly. Try pushing hand cream into your nails when applying it to the hand as it will also help hydrate the nail beds.

Filing your nails is also key to make sure they don’t split or crack. When filing, a lighter grit nail file is best, the really coarse side of a file is really only used to reduce length; using a coarse file on the nail will damage it and cause the nail to split. A glass nail file is also good, but because it isn’t disposable, make sure you rinse it clean frequently.

What are the best colours for damaged or short nails?
You don’t have to wear the really dark colours to hide short nails, you can also wear more opaque shades, I would just avoid anything that is too sheer. I love gel manicures at the moment, as they make all different lengths and state of nails look fantastic, plus they won’t damage the nail if you make sure the gel is removed properly.    

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