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Saturday, 1 February 2014

for skin misbehaving


My skin has been very touchy lately. As with all sensitive issues I approach it with a softly, softly approach. So the spotty rash that started appearing just under my nose and spreading down the side of my mouth I treated with kid gloves. My very first stop was to shop for a super gentle cleanser – one that wasn’t full of fancy anti-ageing ingredients that could potentially irritate, along with a formula that left skin wrapped in comfort and and not hung out to dry. The name Cetaphil kept popping up in magazines as a cleanser loved by models – if anyone knows about  superior cleansing it’s this glamorous tribe who have cleansing down to a fine art after shoots. It was also deemed a favourite of dermatologists. Sold to the lady with a rash! In a handy pump dispenser, it’s everything free – soap free, fragrance free and clogging free and feels like a million dollars when applied. It’s so easy to work with and rinses off like a dream.  Now, it hasn’t single  handedly cleared up my rash – I’ve had a little help from my GP, but it is a cleanser that my skin has fallen in love and I’m sticking to. Cetaphil from Boots, £8.99

Another keeper for my skin is Bobbi Brown’s Extra Bright Advanced Moisture Cream.  A super duper, deeply hydrating formula that plumps up skin something wonderful. And truly does leave skin with a healthy looking glow.  Quite  handy when your complexion has the tone of a pavement thanks to this dull and dreary weather! The secret lies in Glucosamine that gently exfoliates and therefore makes skin smoother for light to refract. I like to mix it in with a CC cream to really reboot the complexion. Available this month at £62.50

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