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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

the fantastic four

When it comes to hair, it’s normally stylists that grab all the headlines, but although I’m not stealing their credit, I personally think it’s the colourists who wield the real power at the salon. Skilfully applied colour turns heads. No question. A trade of shade can do more for your complexion than any blusher as well as make hair look thicker, richer and shinier along with sky rocketing confidence levels.

Step forward FOUR. A new salon in London opened by four female colourists previously from Jo Hansford. With a reputation of being amongst the top colour technicians in town, the go getting girls have also sourced a dream team of top stylists to work alongside them, guaranteeing million dollar hair when you leave their (ever so) swanky salon. Here I caught up with them to talk self dyed blondes, squabbles and savvy techniques.

Hello girls’ can you introduce yourselves?
I’m Maleeka, the organiser. I’m Charlie, the party girl. I’m Brooke who’s IT illiterate, and I’m Denise, a mum!

You all specialise in luxe colour, but what really makes hair colour turn heads?
The expertise of the colourist in colour placement and understanding their client. Using professional products to make sure the colour locks in is key too as it prevents premature colour fade.

What questions should a colourist always ask their client?
How much time are they willing and able to devote to the up keep of their colour? Maintenance is the secret of great looking colour.

What colour crimes do people commit?
Once colour has been professionally done, some clients think it’s okay to maintain by touching up with home colour. They don’t understand that home colour products are totally different to salon professional products. We repair a lot of colour mistakes that are the result of not being in-the-know about the use of home colour.

Which celebrity colour do you admire?
Jennifer Aniston’s hair colour always looks fabulous, like she’s just stepped out of the hairdressers. Yasmin Le Bon – a client of ours, always maintains her hair on a regular basis to make sure it shines and her roots are never showing.

What techniques do you use that raises your colour game?
The one thing we don’t do is bleach bath hair for instant colour change results. If we did clients would be taking their hair home in their handbag! What we do is use a very unique product that allows us to gently lift the hair without damage.

As four directors, do you girls’ ever argue?
What do you think? Yes, we do and we take turns in winning! But seriously, we never close up for the night on an argument.

Can you let us in on a few key trends for summer?
Mad Men’s Betty Draper is setting the trend that has not only inspired Louis Vuitton’s complete collection this season, but has also been responsible for the swarm of women gliding their supermarket trollies down the ‘do-it-yourself-box-blonde’ aisles in the hope of imitating a little of her Grace Kelly look. Don’t do it. Orange brassy hair tones will just make you look mad! Always get it professionally done.

For those whose skin tone may not sit well with Buttercup Blonde, we have a trendful of other options including Peachey Blonde and Light Coppery Blonde that work well using our
Four Way
and Freehand Foiling techniques. For darker hair think Baked Brunette, Bourbon and Tequila Tints. A winner on any menu!

FOUR 62 Conduit Street, London
W1S 2GB. Tell: 0207 297 9600

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