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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

a well tuned ear for better training

When you discover something that improves your workout along with your motivation, it’s usually a fantabulous piece of workout gear, a pair of trainers, or maybe a hot looking personal coach that keeps you coming back for more! For me, it’s none of these things, but a piece of ear equipment that really has made me train faster and better. For years I’ve lost count of the number of earphones I’ve gone through. The cord is either too short making running on the treadmill tricky if you’re plugged into the TV, the plugs fall out of my ears  whereby I have to stop my training to put them back in again, or the audio is just so muffled it’s irritating listening to anything. Then these landed on my desk. Flex headsets from Radiopaq. Okay, they’re a pair of earphones, at first glance they don’t seem very exciting, but boy have they changed my workout. For starters they have a semi flexible ear hook which instantly solves the problem of them falling out. The silicone earphones come in three different sizes and are comfy to wear – this makes a big difference as wearing awkward fitting earplugs is like wearing a pair of too big shoes. And as for the sound quality, it’s superb. What more can I say? They’re my Mr Motivator!

Flex Headsets cost £24.99 from

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  1. I got mine custom made that stay in my ears at