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Friday, 8 July 2011

beautiful make-up made simple

Make-up maestro
Daniel Sandler
I’ve known make-up artist, Daniel Sandler for, ahem, many years and he’s always a pleasure to interview as he’s just so darn passionate about making women look and feel good through make-up. Visiting him at his concession in Urban Retreat, Harrods was a treat, and although Daniel is on make-up call for plenty of personalities including Davina McCall, Claudia Winkleman and Lisa Snowdon, it’s ‘real’ women he pitches his make-up brand to. However, saying that he cringes at the word real, as to him it says ordinary, rather than fabulous. I know what he means, but even so, it’s a brand for non celebrities that want to look amazing!

At the core of his brand, Daniel Sandler Cosmetics is his Timeless Beauty Collection, a foolproof capsule ‘wardrobe’ that is based on his best sellers in Harrods and on QVC. It cuts out big decision making – apart from colours of course, and gives you products that work quickly, are super easy to apply and long lasting. In essence, it simplifies the art of make-up.

“One product that many women have a lot of confusion over is foundation,” says Daniel. “The biggest mistake is over application and a misjudged shade. Too dark or too light and it will sit on the skin rather than enhance it.” Invisible Veil Foundation & Concealer, £28 is one of Daniel’s new stars. The dewy-fresh fluid foundation feels light on the skin and a flawless looking complexion is improved even further with a complementing shade of concealer nestling in the lid.

Another new edition to his range and right on the coat tails of the award winning success of Watercolour Fluid Blusher, comes Watercolour Crème Rouge, £15.50. Boasting skin perfecting polymer – “I always get my scientist to ‘up the polymer’ if I want sheen in a product,” explains Daniel - makes this dreamy cream-to-power formula ultra smooth to glide on and leaves skin innocently flushed. “I was inspired by women in the 1920’s and 1930’s whereby they had a sweet bloom on their cheeks which was very youthifying,” says Daniel.

Watercolour Creme Bronzer
And for those who want to tango with the tan there’s Watercolour Crème Bronzer, £15.50. “Blend a small amount onto cheekbones, bridge of nose and eye lids with fingertips and you’ll instantly glow,” says Daniel. But like foundation, good bronzer can go bad if applied unevenly or you opt for one that’s too shimmery. Aptly called Riviera, this gives a sophisticated jet set tan.

One thing that makes every woman look amazing is well mascara-ed lashes. Just as you would mingle two lipstick shades to create the perfect lip, so Daniel believes in working two mascaras to giving show stopping lashes. And it’s all in the brush. “A nice big brush gives sexy volume, whereas a thinner brush can be used to define the outer lashes and the bottom lashes,” reveals Daniel. Although not mad on gimmicky make-up – vibrating and twirling brushes aren’t his thing; he does believe that treatment mascaras are the future. “Imagine a mascara that not only gives great application, but repairs and strengthens too,” says Daniel. Perhaps he’s just given me the wink to his next big must-have. Watch this space!

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