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Friday, 29 July 2011

making eyes with revlon

Eyelashes tend to look their thickest and most luxurious between the ages of five and 15 – hence why mascara was invented! High tech formulas and perfectly engineered bristles can do so much for lashes, and one brush can totally change the look of the eye.

I’m always searching for the perfect mascara and there’s no shortage of competition. A new ‘wonder’ mascara tends to land on my desk most regularly. Some disappoint, others are average, while a handful impress. Revlon’s Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara is one of the latter. The blurb says it plumps lashes up to 200% - how that stat stacks up, I don’t know, my lashes were certainly volumised, but by that amount, it’s hard to tell. But, as with many thickening formula mascaras, they’re notorious for locking lashes together and drying them out as stiff as board. This formula is different. My lashes felt soft, conditioned and looked far from spidery. And you don’t need to coat it on for a great effect either. A flutter at £9.99.

Look out for the very sexy black and white ad starring poster girl Jessica Biel and Pharrell Williams airing next month. I just love the lyric ‘You got me girl. You look at me, you blink those eyes, you plump it up and hypnotise.” Feast your eyes….

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