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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bangs on trend

Botox? Forget it. Try a fringe instead! Along with a great pony tail that gives a mini face lift, a fringe can knock five years off your passport age along with hiding any lines. But apart from the anti-ageing benefits, a fringe - or bangs as they say Stateside are becoming an obsession. Blame Claudia Winkleman who seemingly has the most wanted fringe on the hair planet. At my salon FOUR where they house the best colour specialists, they've put their own inimitable twist on the hallowed fringe namely the FOUR way Fringe Colour Technique.

I like to think of it as hair candy where contrasting shades are added to your fringe to make it all the more delicious. Their fringe theatre includes:

Fringe Trim: No scissors required! A contrasting shade is threaded through the border of the fringe to literally fringe the fringe.

Fringe Flash: Sounding more like an Indie band, a flash of colour is added to a side sweeping fringe. Totally sexy!

Fringe Flicker: The peek-a-boo fringe. A glimmer of subtle colour is weaved through to give movement and interest as the hair moves.

Fearless Fringe: For she who dares to wear! Four colours are applied to a full on fringe. Alternatively work out a design in collaboration with the colourist which can be stencilled into the fringe.

To give you a funky fringe feel here's my amazing stylist, Carly (above) going fearless with her bangs!

FOUR London: 020 7297 9600

Prices on request

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