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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Behind the mask

I love hiding behind a mask. Pick the right one and it can be like yoga for the skin leaving the complexion feeling relaxed and looking rejuvenated. I have several on the go at once depending on how my skin feels, and to me they’re the cornerstone of a good skincare regime.

Reading about Clayspray Glow a red clay mask with cacao piqued my interest, and although I have memories of clay masks drying very hard on my face when I was a teenager, I reminded myself formulations have come a long way since then. Unusual for a masque it’s a spray, and goodness does it spray. All over my bathroom! Not putting me in the best of beauty moods, after I mopped up the mess, I began to smooth onto my face. The texture was creamy, but personally the smell was off-putting. I was told it smelt like chocolate, but not to me! By now I had a love/hate relationship with this masque, but the pay-off was how it left my skin. The minerals, cacao, vitamins and magnesium all conspired to leave pores looking perky. Tiredness had evaporated and my skin looking rebooted and yes, glowing. It recommends a weekly skin treatment, so if I master the spraying action along with attuning my nose to the smell my skin can look forward to getting its glow on!


Clayspray Glow Red Clay with Cacaco Masque retails for £44.50 available from

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