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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Worthy of a handshake

Handcream. How hard can it be to find a really good one? Well, it can be tricky. I’m a right fusspot when it comes to what I put on my hands. It can’t be too slick, too sticky or too smelly. It has to have the right consistency as well as do the job in hand so to speak.

I collect handcreams as a squirrel collects nuts. They are in my handbag, desk drawer, glove compartment in the car and by the sink. They are all different brands and I mentally judge them out of 10. Rituals Miracle Balm rich, nourishing hand balm gets a nine. It looks funky in its on-trend pink metallic tube, it faintly smells of white lotus, it feels luxurious without rings sliding off the minute you apply it, sinks in quickly and any superficial crepey lines disappear the minute you rub it in. What’s that one missing point? It doesn’t include an SPF so I wouldn’t use it in the summer. I told you I was a fusspot!


Ritual Miracle Balm, £10.

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