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Monday, 25 October 2010

eye spy a de-aging trick

A few crinkles around the eyes when you smile are sexy, but you know you’re in trouble when you apply your mascara and it ends up decorating your upper eyelids. Like women that angst over which colour to polish their toenails but forget to buff away at cracked and split heels – rather spoiling the effect of a stunning strappy shoe, so it goes that it doesn’t make beauty sense to slather on eye care wizardry just under the eye and ignore the upper lids that can sag and become hooded with age. Having just discovered Jeanne Piaubert’s Radical Firmness Eyelid Lifting Care my morning routine isn’t complete without dabbing on this bright eyed miracle worker. Not only does this slightly pearlised lotion work as a superlative highlighter thereby instantly lightening up the brow bone area, it lifts and smoothes too. With a 10 ingredient complex – let’s give a mention to the hope-in-a-tube sounding ingredient, Dynalift that works as an anti-gravity agent on the eyelid skin, after one week of use 85% of women declared they had more lifted skin. Make-up can even be applied straight after application. It costs £47 and is available from Urban Retreat, Harrods and at

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