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Monday, 5 September 2011

psychic chic

Cocktails. Canapes. Celebrities. If there’s one thing that guarantees to get the beauty press to a launch (apart from the product of course) it’s not the former, but a reading. And not necessarily the low-down of their latest scientific study on banishing wrinkles. More likely a reading from a psychic promised on the embossed invite.

Katie Lancashire
Once psychics used to be associated with women that wore questionable sandals, now they’re more likely to be wearing Christian Louboutin. I’ve met Katie Lancashire, a Cambridgeshire based psychic a few times at swish beauty dos alongside interviewing her for magazines, which just goes to show how on-trend psychics have become. As far removed from the shawl draped, gypsy earring wearing crystal ball gazer as you can imagine, Katie is young, modern and gorgeous, representing the changing face (or should that be fate?) of psychics.

It could be said that psychics have become another luxury shopping experience –  appointments for them are now available in high end department stores, but although it may be classed as a bit of girlie fun, there’s a definite sense they have a mindful role to play in many lives. When your own world can sometimes seem off message, good psychics have the skills to help put a disrailed mind on the right track. And for the sceptics amongst you, psychologists have said there are huge parallels between a developed sense of wellbeing and having a good relationship whether it is with a therapist or a psychic.

“Personally, the demands for my insights have never been more sought after – I have a waiting list and my party bookings have gone through the roof,” says Katie. After all, we all want to know what the next big thing is, whether it's the newest lipstick shade or what’s in the future for ourselves.

Here I have a quick cosmic chat with Katie.

Dolly Mixture: When were you aware you had psychic powers?
Katie Lancashire: I realised I knew things when I was about 5 years old. I knew things about people and also saw spirits many times. I inherited my powers from my mother, but at school I used to get bullied for it. Kids’ used to taunt me that my mum was a witch. It’s funny how it’s now become cool to have these powers.

DM: I know many women who see psychics for emotional direction. Do you think this is healthy?
If we are ill we go to the doctor, if we have toothache, we go to the dentist, if we have emotional problems, lots of people turn to psychics by way of guidance and to understand what is happening to them at that current time. I’m often sought out by those who have lost direction in life and need answers along with restored confidence. They like to re-affirm their own feeling and thoughts. Essentially to get hope.

DM: What’s the most common question people ask you?
KL: You won’t tell me I’m going to die will you? Followed by, will I win the lottery? And I do get asked lots if their partners are faithful or not!

DM: Do you find it hard not to tell friends or family what their future is?
KL: It can be hard, and I will only tell them if they ask and want to know. Like with any reading, you have to want to know. If they ask, I will tell them.

DM: What are your ethics as a psychic? For instance, if someone wanted to book you every month would you say no?
KL: Absolutely! I only allow my customers to return every 4-6 months, any sooner and they won’t get enough out of their reading, and it’s a waste of money for them and a waste of time for me. Any psychic that allows someone to return month in, month out is exploiting that individuals weakness and vulnerability.

DM: What would be your own personal guidelines for finding a genuine psychic? How can you tell they’re the real deal?
KL: Of course, there will be some dishonourable ones in the mix, so just be wary of the ones that reveal you will have money problems in January and holidaying in August! But I would say go on word of mouth and recommendation, or else from good reviews in publications.  You can tell if they are real, as you will not have to say anything about yourself, whereby you can sit back and be told what is going on in your life. However, it is essential that you are open and receptive to the reader and prepared to hear what they say. Don’t go with a mission to test them.

DM: What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
KL: Helping people realise that their life is not a waste of time and helping people when they are genuinely ‘lost’ in life. But I don’t have a magic wand. Some individuals think it is a great party piece, but I never let my talent be exploited for fun. People do benefit from readings and I receive many cards of thanks from people I have helped.


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