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Friday, 25 January 2013

Scent with love

To be honest, I don’t go big on Valentine’s Day. I dislike being told when I can be romantic and the drive towards vast commercialism is a little off-putting. But rather than ignore it completely as a marketers dream, my spin is to treat yourself to a little something nice on the day. Call it a slice of self love!

The shops are brimming with scratchy red underwear, fluffy teddy bears and such like to tempt your partner in the hope of wooing you, but one of my nicest and intimate finds is Lyn Harris’s La Rose fragrance from M&S. For those of you who don’t know, Lyn Harris is the founder of Miller Harris, a fancy pants bespoke perfumers in London. She’s the ‘it’ girl of fragrance and has flourished into one of Britain’s foremost classically trained independent perfumers. Both modern in her approach and respectful of tradition in her techniques she’s the ultimate in personal expression. Excitingly, she collaborated with M&S last year on six fragrances for men and women which makes her fragrances far more affordable.

La Rose delivers the sentiment behind Valentine’s Day without being loud and splashy. Simple in its approach I adore the raspberry coloured box and the classic lines of the bottle. As for the juice it’s far from slushy. Rose petals with sparkling green notes, red berry and patchouli give it a thoroughly modern twist. I’m officially loved up.

Lynn Harris La Rose, £25 from Marks & Spencer

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