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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mad about Marni


When it comes to labeling style, Marni definitely has the cool factor. More of a mindset than a look book look, it’s a fashion house than courts the eclectic and likes to shake it up into a quirky mix of unpredictable fun. The newly launched fragrance is no different. Arriving with a voodoo looking ballerina doll (open for interpretation!) it firmly set the scent scene for something a little bit out of the ordinary.  


Before the scent comes the bottle. Like a piece of beloved art, you newly appreciate it every time you take a fresh glance. Classic, yet kooky, its cherry red top mirrors the Bachelite used for the Marni jewels, and the opaque dots sprinkled on glass are a nod to Marni’s signature graphic motifs. Decidedly feisty, the fragrance is more a modern day ‘blended’ family than a traditional family of floral or chypre for example. That would be too simple, too easy, too vanilla for Marni! The scent kicks off almost masculine, but then steps sideways into something more playful. Like an errant boyfriend you can’t help going back to, it’s hard to describe the emotion of the juice unless you experience it.  Marni is a label that can never be labeled, and that’s the pure beauty of the brand.

MARNI eau de Perfume from £48 for 30ml
Marni Body Lotion £36
Marni Shower Gel £43

Available exclusively at Harrods and

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