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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tan for two

It seems like a touchy-feely idea, but what cosmetics do you really have a love-in with your other half? The reality is you may steal his razor for a quick leg shave, and he may nab your concealer now and again, but unless he’s into guy liner or man-scara not much! But when talking body products two can easily become one. He-Shi have just launched a limited edition luxury gift set which, as their name suggests is unisex. It contains their Express Liquid Tan and Exfoliating Bodywash all zippered and presented in a fabulous, on-season purple crocodile print toiletry bag. This is a big buy-me factor as far as I'm concerned.

He-Shi is fast becoming a glow seekers must-have for sun-kissed, healthy looking skin. The formulations are dummy proof. The Exfolating Body Wash is teeming with AHAs that thoroughly prepares the skin by removing any ‘leftovers’ of previous fake tan, along with buffing smooth any rough and dry spots for a non-patchy, fluid looking tan. As for the Express Liquid Tan, this formulation is super moisturising, so doesn’t cling to pores or hair follicles - avoiding a dot-to-dot affect, dries within minutes and lasts up to 10 days. Your feel good shade can be built up in layers for a deeper finish if needed. Forget dinner for two and make it tan-tastic for him and you!

He-She Limited Edition Luxury Gift Set retails at £25.50 (but worth £49!) is available from April to May. Grab it while stocks last.

He-Shi available from selected salons and spas, Harvey Nichols and 



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