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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Vichy's life saver

It’s a factoid that everything enjoyable in life – eating, drinking, sunbathing partying…eventually leads to skin damage! So, unless you want to live a very, very dull life, you have to look for an antidote.

The skin boffins at Vichy have pinned the acceleration of ageing on lack of sleep, tobacco, too much sun without protection, pollution, stress, hormones and an unbalanced diet. Heck, I’m sure every one of us can tick that check list off bar one or two. Indeed, Vichy highlight that seven out of 10 women will do at least one little excess a day. But before you give up on life beyond the health food store, help is in a bottle with their Idealia Life Serum.

ID-ing four parameters of behavioural ageing: overexposed skin, overstressed skin, polluted skin and skin affected by an unbalanced diet, they have created the first ‘lifeproof’ skin idealizer. What a clever play on words! With a light and opalescent texture – it really does lock in an inner glow on application, its USP is harbouring powerful skin quality correcting molecules. Their role? They act in repairing the visible impact of your life on your skin. Now, that’s not to say a lifestyle lived to the equivalent of Iggy Pop or Ronnie Wood would wipe away deep  wrinkles and sun damage, but for a girl that likes to have a little fun this could be the perfect way of getting your skin to play by the rules – even if you’re not!

Vichy Idealia Life Serum costs £29.50 and is available nationwide from today.

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