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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

gloss and grin with bourjois


Teeth whitening seems to have become an intrinsic part of our beauty grooming regime along with eyebrow threading and regular facials. But professional teeth whitening can be timely, costly and in some cases make your toothy pegs sensitive. Those clever and beauty obsessed people at Bourjois have the answer.

Their innovative new Smile Enhancing Gloss is double ended, whereby one end works as a gel, giving a zingy immediate tooth brightening effect and on the other, a lip gloss that is formulated to enhance the brightness of your teeth. Tasting not unlike minty toothpaste, the gel is painted onto the teeth – it’s kind on enamel, and is loaded with brightening agents for instant smile power. The gloss is formulated with white focus pigments to enhance tooth whiteness. The great thing about this handy handbag number is your smile looks natural. We’ve all seen celebrities whose teeth are unnaturally white which has the habit of overshadowing the glow from the complexion. With a double slick of this little baby your smile will look naturally and camera pretty.

Smile Enhancing Gloss available in six shades. £8.99 each

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