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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Catwalk Hip Lip


There’s nothing more arresting than a lip that shouts fabulous, punchy colour. It can really rock your look. Chief make-up artist Cassie Lomas had this in mind when she orchestrated the look at Clements Ribeiro A/W 2012 show earlier this year at London Fashion Week.


“It was all about boyish beauty,” says Cassie, “based on the theme of electric folk.” Working with a Bourjois palette, her sights were firmly focused on the lips. But don’t fooled: it’s not simply a case of swipe colour on and you’re ready to roll, there’s make-up skills to be had! I caught up with Cassie who gave me a lash-to-lip lowdown:

“The skin was all about gleam,” says Cassie. “I used a night cream to create that youthful dewiness. I then used Bourjois Health Mix Serum and feathered it across the face in light, long layers with a foundation brush. It provides the perfect base to showcase perfect, matte lips.”

With lips so princess pretty, cheeks have to be played down otherwise you can end up looking overly dolly. “I defined cheeks with a base power in a slightly darker shade than the models own natural tone,” explains Cassie. “This was applied in a simple sweep just under the cheekbone.”

“Eyes stayed clean, but were given a modern twist with an application of sheen,” says Cassie. Drum roll please for a topsy turvy tip that really works. “I created this by using a clear lip gloss over the lids. Pat over the eyelids and over the brows too - it works like glue to keep them in place.” And bearing witness to the look, I can tell you it really works! Next, Cassie painted on mascara with a fanned brush. “Brush mascara onto the back of your hand and little-by-little pick it up with the brush,” reveals Cassie. “This way you can really work mascara into the base of the lashes.”

The pout was the star coated with full-on pop art glamour. Striking matte colour that really brought the whole face into sharp focus. “To create a shocking pink, along with that all important matte finish, Cassie applied is straight from palette. “For the perfect texture, blot in between applications and then run an eyeshadow sponge over the lips to give a lovely smooth finish,” says Cassie.

Colorissimo Lip Palette, £7.99 available in June.
Health Mix Serum Foundation, £10.99
Effet 3D Clear Lipgloss, £6.99

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