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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Skin's vital saviour


Short nights + busy days = fatigued skin. Does the math sound familiar? Much like your body, when skin is tired it looks pooped before the party has even started. In otherwords it lacks energy levels, meaning your glow factor is sufficiently dimmed. To up your skin wattage, Darphin have introduced Vitalskin. Much like sending your complexion to bootcamp, it helps combat the skin’s recovery rate and maintain a high level of skin energy.

The Darphin skin boffin have been busy in their R&D department, harnessing botanical complexes that act as veritable energy activators to support that much eluded skin state called vitality. There are two products in the range – an Anti-fatigue and Hydrating Serum and an Energizing and Hydrating Emulsion. I have only tried the emulsion and very pleasing it is too! Infused with notes of mandarin, rose and jasmine it peps up the senses before it even reaches the skin – always a good thing, and the texture is lightweight and easily absorbed. After regular and daily use, my skin definitely looked more pinky and perky.

Results speak for themselves too. Darphin recruited ‘very tired’ women between the ages of 25 to 45 with 81% of women saying their skin lacked vitality. After only seven days, with use of both products, 63% felt their skin was full of vitality. After 28 days, an impressive 96% felt their skin was full of vitality. Now, we just need that bottled top-to-toe!

Vitalskin Anti-fatigue and Hydrating Serum, £49
Vitalskin Energizing and Hydrating Emulsion, £39

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