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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Giorgio Armani's amazing foundation

A few years back I wrote a book called The Grown-up Girl’s Guide to Life and I highlighted the benefit of adopting foundation intelligence. We’ve all seen girls whose look has been somewhat overshadowed by their misuse of foundation. Whether it’s the wrong colour, texture or application, the one piece of make-up that should be incognito is screaming to be looked at. Formulations are improving all the time with foundation, whereby they are now masquerading as skin treatments, rather like a face cream. So really there isn’t much of an excuse to be wearing anything that doesn’t double up as a second skin.

My absolute favourite at the moment is Giorgio Armani’s Maestro fusion make up. It really is the Derren Brown of foundation. It literally disappears once on the skin. Using Maestro fusion technology, it quickly adapts to skin tone and texture for a tailor made coverage. The texture is dreamy – transforming from a liquid essence to a whisper of a matte finish in a nanosecond. Giving the skin a uniform finish whilst allowing the skin’s natural luminosity to come through, it’s easy to apply and leaves your complexion with a no foundation feel. What else would you expect from a designer who is known for his clean and simple lines?

Giorgio Armani Maestro fusion make-up is £36 and available in nine from pale-to-warm shades.

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