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Friday, 5 April 2013

nails inc go undercover

Perfecting nails is rather like decorating. You have to prepare the canvas.Cracked walls do not make for a smooth paint job. A bish-bosh bodged job shows and it’s rather like that with polish. Manicurists will say skimp on a base coat at your peril. I say the same. In a rush, I have taken the short cut of going straight for the polish and it’s been a waste of colour. The application is far from flawless, it shortens the polishes nail life, and I’ve kicked myself when the naked nail has been stained with a dark pigment. Leaving my nail neglect behind, I now pay as much attention to my base coat as to the shade I’m going to wear.

Nail inc. Kensington Caviar base coat £15 is, as its name suggests, upgrades the nail plate.  I was introduced to it on a shoot by the make-up artist and haven’t stopped using it since. For nails that tend to be on the dry side it’s a beauty send. After applying, the nails look healthy and nourished therefore giving the foundation for polish to literally glide on and dazzle. All thumbs from me!

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