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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Daniel Sander does palette perfection

If anyone can create the perfect palette it’s the make-up artist Daniel Sandler. I’ve known Daniel for many years, and I can tell you he innately knows what women want!  His make-up philosophy has always stayed true – to create colours, textures and products that play up to and enhance your own natural beauty. And that’s something to be admired. Often, make-up can be too try hard in terms of innovation and tripping over themselves to be achingly on-trend. But there's a tipping point where shades or formulas can be difficult to pull off beyond a photo shoot. Daniel’s award winning products tap into artistry without compromising beauty, as well as delivering all the professionalism he's pick up during his amazing career. Here are my top picks of his newest slicks.

Instant Tan Face Powder, £22.50
Key points: it’s shimmer free and demi-matte therefore the complexion won’t end up looking like it’s been sprinkled with Demerara sugar! It’s just the right shade of tan too.  Colour balanced for a naturally sun-kissed, not harshly baked finish, and extra brownie points are given for its water-resistant formula. In your face heat and humidity! The one stop shade gives a velvet-like finish and is perfect for dusting on a burst of radiant sunshine. Just gorgeous.

Sculpt and Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder, £24.50
This palette of two halves falls into place when Daniel explains, “The basic principle of sculpting involves highlighting and contouring the face. Therefore, everything you highlight comes forward and everything you contour stays in the background.” The palette trickery is it can be mastered to create the illusion of model like cheekbones as well as slimming down the face. There’s a how-to in the box to guide you through. Who needs Instagram to put a poster girl gloss on your look?

Eyshadow Quads, £28
Daniel has created three quads, but my favourite is Scandal at Midnight. I especially love the name  and when you look at the palette you can see why it’s so bewitching. The complementing mix of lilac grey, black, white and glitter goes to sultry up the eye something wicked. And unlike most palettes you will use every shade. There’s no wallflower in this line-up!

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