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Friday, 2 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Love Gucci

I wrote a book some time ago called Thank You for Being My Mother. It was a sweet, little gift-able book full of childhood memories created by mums that have stayed with their daughters today. Some are my memories and others are friends and friends of friends. They are simple things such as summer ice-cream picnics, or reminding us we always have choices.  Sometimes it’s hard to put all the love and gratitude you feel for your mum into words, but my book let her know how much she is loved and appreciated through the written word. What it taught me is that it’s the simple, but heart felt actions and advice that really matter in life.

An early handmade offering from my son!

With this in mind, I can’t but help but notice all the big splashy gifts being suggested for Mothering Sunday on the 18th March. I don’t expect my son to show his love for me by asking his dad to buy me a Kindle at over £100 a pop, or send me on a weekend spa trip. I don’t think my mum expects gifts from me on that scale either. I think most mums would be happy with a bunch of daffs, a cup of tea in bed and a card! But if I may suggest a luxury, perhaps the mum massive would like to drop a few hints about Gucci’s Flora Garden Collection, which absolutely sums up the spirit of Mother’s Day: pretty, scented and thoughtful.

The collection is inspired by the floral print scarf worn by Princess Caroline of Monaco in the 1960’s and consists of three new fragrances: Gracious Tuberose, Gorgeous Gardenia and Glamorous Magnolia. Each reflects the spirit of the flowers of the iconic Gucci Floral Pattern. The bottles are dressing table desirables tinged either in pink, blue or green. It seems not only are they fragrances fit for a princess, but a much-loved mum too!

 The Gucci Flora Garden Collection is available nationwide from March 7th at £49 each

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