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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nail Struck


When it comes to pointing a finger at the world’s top manicurists that give good nail, Glenis Baptiste is one of the best. Over 20 years in the industry she’s a mover and a shaker when it comes to working a bottle of polish, and frequently called upon by celebrities and glossy magazines to work her fingertip magic.

I recently met Glenis at Lancome’s new Vernis in Love launch where she was on hand (excuse the pun!) to talk to journalists about their exciting new polishes. They really are something. Gorgeous and cutting edge colours – take your pick from 20 shades, a patented brush with a grooved stem to allow the nail polish to flow directly to the centre of the brush – “the brush can make or break your manicure,” says Glenis, along with a streak free and long lasting finish with plenty of gloss. Here I talk to Glenis about colour, celebrity and cocktail sticks!


How have you seen nails evolve over the 20 years you’ve been a manicurist?
Nails have played a non-existent role for many years, but over the last five years they’ve exploded into the world of fashion. Previously a manicurist was not needed   on shoots or fashion shows, the make-up artist would have to paint the nails, but now we have gained a respected role within the beauty industry. It is an acquired skill and the last few years nail brands have invested a lot of time and money in promoting nail products. And it has paid off. Polish is now as important as wearing lipstick. It’s fantastic!

What’s currently hot for nails right now?
Nail art has once again become very fashionable and trendy. We certainly have celebrities to thank for that especially Beyonce, Rhianna, Katie Perry and Lady Gaga. On-trend at the moment is wearing nail art such as marbling. This involves mixing two colours together by placing drops of nail colour on the nail from each colour. Then, using a cocktail stick mixing them both together until you get a marbling effect. This is done on one finger nail probably the little finger nail, then painting the rest of the nails with a striking nail colour. Trend led colours this summer are aqua marine blue, orange, white, pink and reds.

Do you think nails are the new lipsticks?
Nails are fast becoming the new lipstick. If you’re like me I always have the colour that I am wearing in my bag, just in case it chips, or I always have a back-up colour in case I feel like a change. The new trend is having many different nail colours and the bottles are a lot smaller and cost less than a new lipstick, so it’s affordable and it will eventually take over lipstick sales. It won’t take long for us nail polish queens to work out how many nail polishes we can buy for the price of one lipstick!

Whose famous nails have you polished and buffed?
Most recently I have polished the nails of Angelina Jolie, Thandie Newton, Christine Bleakley, Anna Friel, Davina McCall and Cheryl Cole.

What are the cardinal good nail rules for making polishes zing?
Investing in a brilliant top coat such as Seche Vite works wonders. It leaves the nails looking like glass every time. One tip is to apply topcoat over your polish every three days to keep it looking like new.

Any tips for nail biters?
Yes, one tip is to wear bright nail polish. People will notice and give you compliments, it always works wonders.

What’s the best photographic session you’ve ever done as a manicurist?
One of the best sessions (there have been a few) was doing a shoot at 10 Downing Street with Cherie Blair. It was a special time and so historic. I got a letter from her thanking me for doing her manicure and for the special day she had The  pictures where amazing!

What are your nail must-haves?
Top coat – Seche Vite
Hand Cream – Lancome
Solar Oil – CND
Nail Polish Remover- Chanel
Cuticle cream- Dior

Whose nails do you admire and why?
Beyonce and Rhianna, always have perfectly manicured nails and they are always pushing the bar up as far as nail art is concerned. Together they are always first to wear on trend nail colours - they are truly inspirational when it comes to nails.

What are the classic mistakes people make when painting their nails?
They always forget to wear a base coat, and they don’t put enough polish on the brush, so the polish leaves streaks on the nail.

You’re made nails a fabulous career, any advice for would-be manicurists for nailing it?
Yes, always be prepared to work long hours, and to assist wherever you can. Keep up to date with nail colour and trends. Do as many nail courses as you can, practise will make you perfect!

Lancome Vernis In Love are available nationwide from 1st April at £12 each

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