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Monday, 14 May 2012

Benefit's Hot Lips


You know, Benefit is one of those brands that never seems to fade or flounder. As it’s their first mention on my blog, let me just give you a little X Factor back story. The initial concept was founded in 1976 by two twins called Jean and Jane Ford with a small make-up store in San Francisco – I’ve been at a press launch where Jean and Jane have actually sung – and penned their own cheeky lyrics, which goes a long way in explaining their creative and non-corporate approach to beauty. Their ‘hero’ product back-in-the-day was a blush and lip tint called Rose Tint which was created for an exotic dancer who wanted a rose flushed tint for her nipples! It was later reinvented as Benetint. Going global 15 years ago, it’s a brand that has captured many a beauty heart with their quirky and retro cutsey packaging along with stick-in-your-head names and funky fonts. Although copycatted over the years by some, it just goes to show that packaging isn’t everything; it’s their formulations that stand true to the test of time, as well as their never ending ideas for giving us good face.

New on their scene are these Ultra Plush lip glosses. They don’t actually hit the stores until July, but I just couldn’t keep my lips sealed, they’re so good! Created to complement their bestselling box of powders of the same name, it’s hard to pick one as a favourite, so I’m guessing it won’t be long before you plump for all six. From sheer coral (CORALista) to shimmering golden nude (Hoola) they slide on silky smooth, with absolute no tackiness or cheap aftertaste. Lips are left looking sexily gleamed and understated. Just the slick for summer.

Benefit Ultra Plush lips glosses are available from July and cost £13.50 each

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