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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

We Have Astalift Off!


I have the opportunity to try lots of skincare lotions and potions, some I can leave, others I love, and a few I flip over. Whether so-so, or so good, they all generally claim to be wrinkle slaying, youth inducing miracles, so it can be hard for a skin sleuth to determine what to drop her cash on. 


My ears started pricking up of a new skin ‘miracle’ when I heard a couple of beauty directors talking about Astalift. I researched further. A skincare brand developed by Fujifilm, they’ve capitalised on their expertise in developing technologies to achieve the ultimate glossy posse picture into skincare. How so? Well, as they explain skin ageing is caused by oxidation – a natural process which also causes photographs to fade. Fujifilm’s superior understanding of this process has led to products designed to target dark spots, lines and dull-as-dishwater skin. Interestingly, the primary raw material of photographic film is made of collagen – who knew? This as we know, is a crucial structural protein necessary to give skin its spring. The technology of using collagen to hold together light-sensitive particles in photographic films is applied to the formulation. Furthermore, they have also applied their know-how of nano-technology – used for exposing and colour developing in film, to allow high concentrations of nano-sized skin nourishing ingredients to be delivered to different levels of the skin.

 I’ve been trying their Jelly Aquarysta Rejuvenating Concentrate for a week now and I can honestly say my skin is having a celluloid moment. It’s weird to use as it’s a jelly, much like you serve up at a kid’s party, but once you get the hang of slathering on a wobbly texture you’re good to go. I’ve traded this for a serum, applying before a moisturiser – it disappears in seconds, and I can feel the difference instantly. I know I sound like a commercial, but skin feels immediately nourished – it harnesses three types of collagen and is rich in Astaxanthin which is a 1,000 times more powerful than CoQ10, making skin take on a ready-made-glow. Not a hearty Ready Brek glow, more like a Hollywood radiance. You can feel the effects under your fingertips too – skin feels turbo-charged smooth. This is definitely one of my ‘flip over’ picks, and with the promise of 95% more luminous skin in just 28 days, I say bring on the paparazzi, my skin is camera ready!

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta Rejuvenating Concentrate costs £71


  1. Ooh, interesting. Jelly texture just seems a bit weird. But sounds like very much worth a try x

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