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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Smoke gets in your eyes wtih UNE

There seems to be a beauty commandment that says, 'Thou shalt not wear smoky eyes in the daylight hours." Well, rules, or commandments are made to be broken, and the rule breaker here is UNE. Launching three new wear-in-the-day smoky eye make-up shades called Sfumata - named after an Italian painting technique favoured by Leonardo da Vinci, they're intellecutal in name, and smart in application. For the art buffs amongst you, Sfumato is actually a technique that consists of layering paint to create a smoky mist. It's a practice that can be adopted whilst working with these eyeshadows.

I'm a lover of the smoky eye, but rarely wear it myself for fear of looking over-done, but I have to say these shadows are low-key in their application whilst giving the desired effect. Combining both intensity and subtlety, they boast a high content of colour mineral pigments and blend on seamlessly. The overall effect is smoky without being too smoky. In essence, they create a smoky halo which is perfect for day time without looking like you've had a night on the tiles. Workable and wonderful!

Intense Sfumato Eyes cost £9.29 and comes in shades of deep green, intense blue and charcoal grey.

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